What is hplusroadmap?

The #hplusroadmap IRC channel is a technology development and engineering group that focuses on projects such as:

  • DNA synthesis machine development
  • brain emulation, brain uploading, computational neuroscience
  • nootropics
  • do-it-yourself biology, genetic engineering, gene therapy, biohacking, synthetic biology
  • cryonics
  • molecular nanotechnology
  • molecular biology, polymerase, enzyme engineering, protein engineering, fusion proteins, directed evolution, gene-editing
  • open-source hardware development
  • self-replicating machines
  • robots, mechanical automation, machining, electronics
  • space colonization, habitats, mining, communication, transportation
  • nutrition, bodybuilding
  • computer architecture, supercomputing
  • open-source software development
  • transhumanism
  • life extension, anti-aging, longevity research
  • cryptography, bitcoin technology development


All logs are stored at http://gnusha.org/logs and are instantly updated after receiving new messages. Strangely, sorting by log size per day returns relatively high-signal content, so this is an interesting way to binge on historical hplusroadmap data.

There may be a disruption to logging as we transition to libera.chat. Please pardon the dust.

Connecting to IRC

The easiest way to join is to simply go to http://web.libera.chat/#hplusroadmap and click "Start".

Users who plan to contribute often are encouraged to seek out better IRC clients. The channel inhabitants seem to like irssi, HexChat, ChatZilla for Firefox, Textual for OS X, Pidgin, and a variety of bouncers and remote shells.

  • download and run an IRC client
  • /connect irc.libera.chat
  • /join #hplusroadmap


There's some funding available for hplusroadmap projects.


The hplusroadmap IRC channel was started in 2008 to focus on a roadmap for transhumanist technology development, do-it-yourself biohacking and turning near-future ideas into practical engineering projects.

The channel was hosted on Freenode until 2021-05-19, when a hostile takeover of the network led us to move to libera.chat.


  • no philosophy (violators that are bad at philosophy will be harshly judged)