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list CAV-2
some gene therapy delivery methods
also hearing loss SNPs
more hippocampus and memory SNPs
some SNPs related to hippocampus size
some more sleep duration SNPs
describe WWC1/KIBRA memory benefits (19-24% better free recall performance)
a bunch of genes and SNPs for brain and memory
add sha256 hash for original dan boneh video file
some igem project ideas
also include tweeter link
finish igem 2016 projects
more igem 2016 projects
more igem 2016 projects (latin america)
fix SZU China 2016 igem project summary
igem 2016 china projects
some igem 2016 projects
finish igem 2015 summaries
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Fixed transcript mistakes
update instructions for contributing
some more igem 2015 projects
fix attribution in one spot
add tweeter link
transcript: whalepool discussion
more igem projects from 2015
another bitcoin wishlist item
milano allele
also sleep duration
also TNFα G308A polymorphism for resistance to sleep deprivation
also describe how to spend small utxos in bitcoin
add more links to mimblewimble transcript
resistance to sleep deprivation
some more human genetic editing stuff
also add tweeter link
transcript: mimblewimble
also consider coinjoin in bitcoind
fix typo
one more about transactions + PoW
oops one more
some weird problems in bitcoinland
some notes about recA and recombinases
also add integrases, homing endonucleases and fCas9
also some protein parts
some gene editing techniques
link to adlai/joinmarket slides
update genetic modifications for general cellular changes
transcript: adam back
also link to mimblewimble implementation attempt
also a link to an interview
some links and a missing sentence or two
make partial summary of 2014-05-15 logs
schnorr signatures link reference
okay some typoes i guess
update summary
some more links
breaking the chain notes
some more links for the breaking-the-chain stuff
some more linking
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transcript: day 2 group summaries
more tweets
breaking the chain transcript
Q&A on client-side validation
transcript: client-side validation
jute Q&A
transcript: jute braiding
also slides
more Q&A with maaku
transcript: difficulty adjustment
more Q&A and such
collective signing
okay one more
covenants Q&A
transcript: covenants
various updates
transcript: security and performance
another link
more Q&A too
coin selection Q&A
transcript: coin selection
include links in segwit presentation
Q&A section
transcript: bip151
Q&A section
transcript: schnorr signatures
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segwit lessons learned
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whoops, H1
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incremental update, getting a feel
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