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hgp-write: haploid embryonic stem cells
hgp-write transcript: xenotransplantation
hgp-write transcript: recoding ecoli to 57 codons
hgp-write transcript: stem cell differentiation
hgp-write transcript: essential vitamins into human genome
add ultra-safe cell line diagram
hgp-write transcript: ultra-safe cell lines
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hgp-write: synthetic yeast genome project lessons learned
hgp-write 2016: overview
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more longevity mutations, particularly in OBFC1
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some alleles for exceptional episodic memory
some questionable longevity mutations
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add rs6591536 for smelling β-ionone (floral) fragrance
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transcript: ken hayworth and verifiable brain preservation
list CAV-2
some gene therapy delivery methods
also hearing loss SNPs
more hippocampus and memory SNPs
some SNPs related to hippocampus size
some more sleep duration SNPs
describe WWC1/KIBRA memory benefits (19-24% better free recall performance)
a bunch of genes and SNPs for brain and memory
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milano allele
also sleep duration
also TNFα G308A polymorphism for resistance to sleep deprivation
also describe how to spend small utxos in bitcoin
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resistance to sleep deprivation
some more human genetic editing stuff
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transcript: mimblewimble
also consider coinjoin in bitcoind
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some weird problems in bitcoinland
some notes about recA and recombinases
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some gene editing techniques
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