We are going to recap teh presentations from the folks disrupting the infrastructure of scientific communication. We saw academia.edu, the launch of peerj, this would be a good way to encapsulate all that and hear from John who has recently spearheaded along with other folks this petition to the whitehousse about expanding our open access policy.

What about the economics of this? Maybe John can expand on that. So we have $30 billion budget for the NIH for the amount of money in the research sector, in publishing we see $4B to $10B and what it costs to provision this peer review, whih under the current model is fairly efficient. Is there a way to spend this in terms of job creation and opening up this new value? I'm not sure because technology tends to destroy jobs in the long run. I am not sure about this. That's a meta philosophical argument about what our future economic system has to look like to grapple with technology. Maybe John cacn speak to that.

A related point is that we have this Big Data deluge doing this. Jeremy is going to touch on that shortly this afternoon and we have this huge shortage of folks who are equiped with the skills to do this. It's like 1.5 million new jobs that we need to fill in that category. How are we going to do that? It's good to think strategically about this.