The Medical Publishing Revolution

Okay, we have everyone now. Folks should get settled now because we have a packed schedule. Okay, some people might be trinkling in as the day goes on, and we have enough people to start. We have a lot of interesting presentations. We have a microphone here on the left side of the room, and you can come up for the QA sessions. The bathrooms are a bit of a treck, down that way to the main building. There's coffee in the back for the caffeine addicts. We have 5 minutes until we get under way. I just want to thank everyone for coming uot on an early Friday morning, slightly under false pretenses. We call it open science, but it's also called startup science. It's to convey the economic value and opportunities that are part of this possibility of embracing this radically new paradigm for value creation and applying that to science. We've seen this transpire over the past 15 years with the web, and it's only recently that it's finally starting to bring that same transparency and distributed innovation to bare to disrupt these ancient institutions science that we have been stuck with for the past 400 years and all the folks presenting today are part of that transition. I got to talking with some of the different entrepreneurs and we want to come up with something, build a support network, we have angellist kind of for the startup world, startupdigest, what would it look like for an infrastructure for supporting hard science and engineering startups? There are many things going against this, there are disadvantages to hire engineering talent compared to the rest of the social media titans who are sucking up programmers, you got investors that don't understand what's going on in science and how there is a value proposition here, there's a lot of outreach and education that has to happen for bioecosystem that we've seen in other sectors. Clean tech was an attempt to establish this and get investors excited and showcase entrepreneurs, I think we have this similar chance here, the plan is to have a series of these events, there will be opportunity to have hackathons associated with this for particular problems that the members would like to incentivize. I think it really is up to us what we make of it, we hope that you all get involved as mentors in some capacity and we'll take it from there. We'll start with Dr. Addler.