The whole notion is that I do whole events- or just one person- the whole notion of what I do and how it fits in, there are lots of concern around the open source community particularly as it attains to IT and EE community around linux and protecting it and insure that, linux is kind of the tip of the sphere of open source. So goes linux, so goeso pen source as a modality of invention. It's a bout a way of inventing and creating value, it provides a unique ontray of the globalization of value, rather than having it be the province of companies and the G8. it really opens up the opportunity space through plethora of bandwidth and the way to change the way we invent and the concerns of the 60s and 70s and the dramatic negative effective to now migrate to the point where we understand the value of collaboration. 1+1+1 doesn't just equal 3 but also 10 or 20, ebcause we can play on each other's ideas, something of value. Open Invention Network is- aand what I do- is a defensive patent pool that has been created to acquire patents and help linux. Six companies got together in an uncharacteristic act, but it was extraordinary act, where we were at a phase shift in the way we develop and and advance in the tech sector. Protecting linux and freedom of action, they liken us to the themes of the hurt .. mines are put out every night, and every day we put out , to make sure the road is clear. If anyone of you are familiar with Hank Shram who was a little guy who coached the