How is mobile technology transforming the world?

This is a headset by Emotiv. When you think abuot someone, or start doubting that person, you're actualy using brainwaves to.. someone. So what a giant leap from.. So let's look at some numbers. By 2013, this is the Gartner forecast. Mobile will surpass PC. It will surpass 1.78 billion PCs. Quite an astonishment. What about apps? Do you really have an app for something? Consumers will spend 6.2 billion in 2010 on mobile apps in stores. And then the .. exceeding 4.5 billion. Let's look at 2013. The projection is 21.6 billion dollars on apps.

So what blending is really transforming.. bringing everyone together, to keep people in touch constantly. What's really transforming the world is smartphones, with geolocations, constantly accessing apps. There are various apps that you can download. Which you can download, blend time and presence. This is achieved by location-based apps. This is one of my favorite apps for looking for houses (Redfin). You don't even need to do your research. You can pick up this.. um.. open hosues. You know, you can look up the prices, the photos, see where you want to go. BUying houses is a different experience.

This one is one of my own creations. It was featured in NY times. When nature calls, you may not be at the most convenient place, which is why we created this app. This is part of a research called have2serious. Collections. And um, do also, also vertical studies, they have to see including, have2eat, have2drink, have2snack. So, have2drink has this little mini feature in the daytime, to go pick up coffees and juice bars. At night, nobody gets drunk in the.. something.. So, this one, SeeClickFixed, is a, utilizing .. trying to serve your community. People can instantly report a broken sidewalk, or whatever is needed. This one is another one trying to utilize crowd source to power the community. CitySourced - if you see grafitti, you can report it. Mark the Spot: where does AT&T suck. How do you guys rate the network? Awesome right? No. AT&T is trying to fix this. Very good application. They created this app Mark the Spot, they drop the cause where it is .. There are so many ways you can utilize and hel pyou fix something.

Blending space, time and presence. It is also allowing us to, each other. This is achieved by location based apps in social networking. So there are some really popular social networking apps. Foursquare. One of the most popular, you check into a location, and then you can check into a location, check in multiple times, you have to be physically there, and then the most times you check in, you become the mayor of LAX, mayor of SF, everyone is a mayor o something. Who is the mayor of this room? And there's also virtual prizes for people to give an incentive. Hey this is a game and I can get virtual prizes.

Gowalla is kind of another one, a competitor. They are slightly related. All of these mobile apps are trying to monetize this, like social networking. So this one, they recently just signed a deal with National Geographics to allow users to track their trips. Brightkite, a late comer to this market. What they are trying to do is a universal API check-in APIs and trying to see if they can win over the market like that. This one, I have been reading reviews, I provided, a little privacy, check-in, but this one actually offers a lot of great features. This doesn't have as many members or places. But, you know, it kind of, you can see where your friends are.

The Matrix: Arrgmenting the Reality. What about? TwittARound. Who's tweeting aroudn you? Now you can see it. Who is tweeting around you and what are they tweeting? Layar. See the world you can't see. It's laying additional information on top of the world. You can point your phone somewhere and get info. I am not sure what that is, the flying saucers, I don't know.

Nearest Tube. It allow you to track London subways, so you follow your phone and able to see where the nearest subway station is, how many miles, and you pull up to the landmark, and how far, the nearest subway is.

TAT: Augmented ID (face). This oen is a concept. The idea is that you can create.. and you can have different set of social IDs based on your social setting. This guy, this is in .. so his popup can be facebook and twitter. And he's tweeting like coffee or something. And in the daytime, he's doing a presentation, so he has to .. business cards, or slideshares, so when other people use the phone to project it, they can get his virtual IDs. So imagine if we have that ready to go. Instantly.. clicking on it right now.. facebook.. pretty amazing huh.

SR Engine. This one is in japanese app store. If you go out to lunch and you wanted to see, wanted to know, where did that particular dish, and whether you can use .. point at an image. Recognize the image and search all kinds of information. You can also send it to someone. Convenient.

Wiktude AR Travel Guide. You can travel with it and point it at a landmark and it tells you the history of that building. What kind of things happened to it?

Speak4It- this one is an app that I worked on. It's a research app. We tried to use voice recognition tech, utilized a vocal search apps.. imagine you're driving down the street, and you can't dial the phone. The phone will pull up results when you say "nearest gas station". There's also real time, circle on a map, so when you're searching for nearest gas stations, you're searching at that particular location. Also experimenting with AR- whatever search result you're popping up- it will say the gas station is popping up right there. So it's really conveninet.

This is an iPad version of it. However iPad is.. camera.. so you don't have AR.

Well how about business and advertizing? how does mobile technology transform business? This is the part that I am really excited about it. Women are the household buyers and they love to shop. So this is one of my personal favorites: Snaptell. I can go to the store with my iPhone, and instantly figure out, what's the thing you use, and the other one, they also have the, the box, this one is amazing, I can go to a store and scan a barcode and get online prices. You can read reviews from Amazon. Is this a good product, should I buy it now, or should I wait, order it, buy it online, or does it not make much difference? This is transorming the shopping experience. The businesses need to realize these behavior changes and how to adapt to them.

ShopSavvy. In addition to the bar code scanner, they have this feature that tells you on your map where best buys it's $29.99, and maybe there's another store where it is $15. This one will tell you if the item was scanned in the past few days and how much it cost.

Yowza. Groupon is a really good way for people to monetize their mobile apps. We saw earlier foursquare and gowalla, what's the best way to monetize it? So making in a market for a snowboard, and I walk by your store, and instantly it gives me a coupon. Yeah, I am a happy buyer, so it's, right, this is really trasnforming the world.

MobiQpons. This one is more ambitious. You're trying to create a network of advertizers and merchants. How about, hwo do we transform creative advertizing? Prius Experience App. Now we got this mobile one device. The internet. And all this huge digital.. this is a.. users can download a prius experience app, and I can download these trees on the mobile app, instantly it shows up.. isn't that amazing? I can see my own drawing.

And this one is.. Vans be Here. You can send a picture. You can instatnly send a link back to a picture of like.. your photo.. so you can show it to your friend.. hey I'm in blah square.

Nike Chalkbot. This is a giant machine, and people text messages, and then it wrote their friends, and then you see, people can text message, and the text messaging is meaningful, and people.. in the ..

From iPhone to iBrain. Ai is another big part of our organization. Let's talk about the.. there are all kinds of chatbots and digital assistants out there. So. Cleverbot. It's funny, I always believe the reviews in the app store. None of them get good reviews in the app store. It means that the whole technology still has a way to go. It's rpetty exciting to tell a robot, listen, you ask something, it might come back with something.

Edwin the fortune teller. This one will tell you your fortune. What's your horoscope?

Dadorac. This one is another one offers your virtual agents that can check you, do you like me? I love you. Oh. that's pretty sweet.

This one is the only one with good reviews (R.I.V.K.A). And it's pretty hot looking woman here, and then, there.

Siri. Is a personal digital assistant. It's working quite well. You can try it, it's free in app store. You can talk to your phone, OpenTable booking, movies in your area. With Ai combined with mobile technology, it's allowing us to go to this next step of personal assistant or chatbot. I am more curious about their, the long term development. We're looking at the future. What will mobile become? It will.. in Asia, people are already put all kind of accessory and dress them up, their own personal attachment pet to them. But what about development with ai? This little toy, this little digital friend, how do they talk to you, technology in your bio, information? Really understand. And what is the emotional compute in all that? It's very interesting, people get attached to these little personal digital friends, yeah. So. What is the- and this is just my, thoguhts, but what is the phone of the future? This is a prototype of a future phone. Hatsune Mikune. This is japanese pop star. She's performing at various conferences everywhere. This digital .. actually recording from actors and projecting from, it's pretty decent voice. What about in future your mobile phone, is a device, what ai involved, what about a .. project some kind of 3D hologram and talk to you, your personal assistant is no logner just a text message talking to you, carry interact with you. What is implication of that? Are we really going to attach to them? So I leave that thought to you.

Thank you.