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Thank you. Like you I am very enthusiatsic about the future. I'm also a realist. Medical science will find cures to thousands of diseases for things that currently afflict us. This will not happen in our lifetime. This might not happen in the lifetime because of the sound of my voice. The technical probelms that involve in curing all diseases. There's too much science to remain discovered. If we wish to see the future, there's one rational alternative. Brain preservation for long-term storage. Brain preservation storage is advanced. With intellectual and monetary results, there would be 99.9% semantic connectivity could be preserved. Along with successful re-animation. The proper intellectual and monetary research. The general medical and scientific community has turned its back on such resource. Some within the scientific community have been outright hostile by such techniques. The Cryonics Suspension company is unregulated, and their methods have not been verified in the open scientific journals. It is currently illegal to do brain preservation. No hospital provides proper response and fast preservation. A person must often indure hours of ischemic damage before the preservation begins. The result is massive loss of brain structure. It is like a back alley. Emergency heart surgery