She's the leader of the Foresight Institute. Who here has been to a Foresight Institute event before? Okay, great. I thought it would be higher. The back of the conference room is open for a breakout for Aubrey and Fahy. Christine is the co-author of Unbounding the Future. Thanks Alex.

So, Alex, thanks for inviting me to your birthday party. So, we've heard some great stuff from Aubrey and Greg about what's coming. How do we hang around long enough to take advantage of these wonderful things? Whether you're 20 or 70, I want you to be around for this meeting next year, and this meeting decades from now. How do we do that? Aubrey and Greg are going to help us in a while. Maybe Greg is, so we have to check that one out.

Complexity. We're really good at complexity, we're working with computers and software and hardware. The body just dwarfs that. Some of you have a feel for the orders of magnitude of complexity. Some of us are complexity geeks. This is hard. This is really hard. Okay, so. Aubrey explained longevity escape velocity or take-off. Already human life span is increasing 2 or 3 months per year. We should be impressed. We need another 9 or 10 months per year to reach this take off where we just stay healthy. We don't get like this. This is not a healthy person. Oh, she's really healthy for her age (110). Forget it. This is not what we want under any circumstances. There's a wonderful story called "They're Made Out Of Meat". It's about when the aliens find out that the humans are made out of meat. It's funny and true. The first few decades of meat are pleasurable. In the long term, we know what happens. There's a worse problem. Our memory is based in a grey pooding substance. If any of you hit the soccer ball with your head, that's not a good way. We're all religious about backing up your computers. It should make you nervous that your brains are not backed up.

Give me a pill, as long as I want life extension. As long as I don't, stop taking it. We're not near this. I don't see how we can get there in any time soon. That's what we want and that's not what we get. There are two approaches. The biological and mechanical approach. Some of you have read the work of Robert Freitas, for his huge body of work on medical nanomachines, he won the Feynman Prize this year. He's an artist's conception done with technical assistance. It's the brute force approach to health. It's kind of opposite. These are both great approaches, if either of them work, I hope so. We don't have this. We have to buy time. That's all we can do. Apply whatever's available, however crude it might be, that's what we have to do. If you're 20, I want you to pay attention to this. There's stuff you should be doing. Money is helpful. Everything in life. Money is helpful. These things take time. They are not 0-time endeavors. If there was a pill, you could just buy it. There's nothing like that. It takes expertise and brains. We're pretty good on that here. We have some world class advisors here. Take advantage. Okay.

You might have thought your doctor was on your team. I would say for the vast majority of you, your doctor doesn't know anything about this. Don't think of your doctor as your life extension advisor unless you have put a lot of work into finding a doctor with that attitude. There are not many with that attitude out there. "Oh my god, there are so many things," the astrisk can be fun. That may extend my life, this is wonderful. I can pick away at my leisure. There's lots of fun stuff on there. There are other ways too. Stress reduction. Some of us are in toxic relationships, jobs, not doing meditation, or on long commutes. Some of you hate spiritual. The fact of the matter is that you can change your body chemistry and brain chemistry. Let's make a new word. Let's have a contest to rename it. This is not about religion, it's about your health. Just by what you put in your mouth, how you move your body, if you change those things over a period of 3 months, you can turn on or off 500 genes. So if you're sitting there saying, I can't do anything, I have bad genes, or "I have great genes", forget it. You have to pay attention to how the genes are operating. This is good news for whose parents or gradparents didn't last for as long as we would have liked.

In terms of knowing what's on your body. You can go into youtube and type in "dermal display", it's by Robert Freitas and Gina Miller. We have this. It's very crude. They take your blood and try to tell you what's in you. Try to figure out your baseline now. Figure out what your baseline is, what healthy is. You have to watch this stuff. I get mine done by Kronos. You can also do it with Life Extension Foundation.

Supplements. Oh boy. In addition to the lunch with Greg and Aubrey, I'm doing a lunch, and I hope some of you will join me, to talk about what you can do personally on life extension. I will pop pills at lunch. It's really hard to influence metabolism. Greg said though that these enzymes make a difference. That's all true. So, there's different ways to decide what to take. You can do damage to yourself. I've been doing this for at least 25 years, and I've done some dumb stuff. In the media there are some studies, and they are repeated wrong, and often the studies are designed wrong. They mistake correlation for causation, and they say "oh that's the cause". Last couple days they said runners have better telomeres, and yeah it may be the runners, or maybe they were health focused for decades. How many people were not doing this? There's a battle between the pharmaceutical companies and the software people. There's a lot more people in the ... so if you see data that is against it, you have to choose the fewest to the most supplements. You're welcome to these slides. Just email me. Hormones. You can buy hormones over the counter. You can be advised by health food clerks who know nothing about hormones, watch out. I was thinking, "how can I drum this into my heads?". Was it minerals or anti-oxidants? it's HORMONES. Hormones can be risky. It's very hard to get. If you get stopped for political action. We don't have time to talk about CR today. We'll talk about that at lunch. That's not lunch. We have a better lunch. Resveratol, yeah I take it. Telomeres you can extend them for $14k/yr. Got to get that weight off folks. I did it, talk to me. Gym class. 10k steps per day. Skip over this. What I'm talking about may not work for you, you should be signed up for Alcor, they make a physical backup of you. Okay. Here's how to contact me. If you're a beginner, you can do a score card.

I want to see you at H+ 2050.