Nancy J. Kelley

I hope everyone was able to get some rest last night. We're starting a little late. Just a couple of announcements this morning. The focus of today is really on technology and infrastructure development so we're going to have presentations about gene editing tools, DNA synthesis from both academic and private sectors and discussions about the way pilot labs or genome foundries have been setup around the world and we're really excited to hear what people have been doing from all the different countries.

There were some questions about the working groups yesterday-- I want to clarify this. You'll notice there's a page on the website which basically says working groups information. And so, if people understood from what I said yesterday afternoon that these groups are already formed, that's not the case. We actually, one of the reasons we had the working group meetings over lunch today is to allow anyone that is interested in those groups to come to the table, there will be a sign on the table with a stand so tha tyou will see where to gather and anyone interested can come and get.... at least once a month to develop roadmaps.

In addition to that, there's an entry on the agenda that says funders meeting. There's a list of public agencies from around the world that are listed there. We want to provide an opportunity for the agencies to talk with each other and get intorduced. That meeting is limited ot them. If there are any other agencies that are not listed there, please let us know who you are so we can include you on that meeting.

With that, I'd like to ge tthe agenda started today.

What are the current abilities, costs and time and quality of those techniques? What are the bottlenecks? From that, we will eventually, in not too many weeks or months to develop priorities for what needs to be accomplished to enable the GP-write project in the next 5 years. We'll let speakers introduce themselves today.