Nathan: This first talk will be given by Nancy from DTRA. After that, it will be an ad hoc environment if individuals are interested in presenting. We will take those as they come. We will have 10min talks. To keep them short, there are timers to keep time, and I will hold this big red folder at 9 minutes, so that we can take a quick question, maybe one question per talk, which will allow all the different groups to present their activities.

My name is Nacny Burgess. I am with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency. We're part of the Department of Defense. Welcome to the FBI meeting. This happens to be my home town. Welcome to Walnut Creek. If you plan to go into the city, SF is much colder. Bring a sweater, SF is cold. Bring a sweater if you go. Downtown Walnut Creek is quite lovely.

Within DTRA, I am in the chemical and biological defense directorate. We are a funding agency for chemical and biological defense. We are holding a citizen science forum tomorrow. We start at 530 and end at 830. I will present some moer about our interest in the citizen science group. Half of the people who are presenting at DTRA are not a part of this forum now. There will be some new people. I encourage you to come. I have reviewed these presentations and it's really exciting stuff. If you didn't RSVP, that's okay, just give me a headcount. You are invited to the DTRA Citizen Science Forum tomorrow at 5:30.

Okay, thanks Nancy.

There was a link sent out before the conference, if you haven't RSVPed, then please do so. Any other questions? Okay.