METU Biogene Biology and Genetics Turkey

I am a 2nd year biology student at Italy's Technical University. I am going to talk about METU. Starting from the history, this student lab started as biologists in the early 90s and then its name had changed as Biology and Student Club. So they joined in about 2004.

Mostly, undergraduates and grad students from METU for this student lab. We also have academicians and an advisor, supervising us. We have volunteers from other universities and high schools help us organize some conferences and activities and different cities.

Our main goal is to be independent from dogmatic prejudices, to keep track of biology and biology technologies and to take part in existing studies. To make biotechnology available to everyone. We have formed subgroups on evolution, we have organizers in activities like conferences, celebrations and field trips. We participate in existing things like science high schools.

The subgroup on evolution is dealing with the evolutionary theory and it has a facebook page called .. it's the largest in Turkey and 2nd largest in the world. It organizes Turkey Meets Evolution seminars, organized by the European Society for Evolutionary Biology. We also give lectures at elementary schools. This is from our Facebook page. This is an archive, we wrote more than 400 popular science articles. They are in Turkish.

Tree of Life: which is a scientific magazine. It's very new, presently first two issues are distributed. It wants to be a widely followed biology magazine in Turkey.

We also organize activities, these are some examples like, collaborations and celebrations. DNA Day, for instance.

Five aspects of biology- we have subdisciplines of biology, presented by academicians, the first one was in 2009. It takes to learn and teach all kinds of research..

Biodiversity Congress- organized to draw attention to biodiversity in 2010, declared by the UN to be the year of biodiversity. They want to draw attention to this.

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