Okay, thanks. Thanks a lot.

I just wanted to tell you about the DIYbio.org website. You saw the "ask a biosafety expert" feature that Todd and Jason spoke about. There are insurance policies that they are working on. Once it's signed, it's live. That's the final problem. So, I'm going to walk you guys through locations on the diybio website. Jason and I have worked on making it better.

I am excited about the news feature. If these features aren't being used, then I should stop. There's a news page that aggregates things around the web. That goes into this column. It's just the twitter list that the diybio twitter account maintains. Any new post appears in the middle from the Google Group, there's also a blog roll of about 24 blogs. Updates to that go into the right column. Most of the stuff in the right column is one blog has lots of pictures, but I might get rid of this. If you have other data sources to include in this, click on that button, and it will go to a post about this page.

I just walked around this room and passed out postcards, sorry Bryan, I interrupted your talk. The postcards are to get the community in touch with itself. You can see an example of the postcard. We basically solicited, they were mailed to all these places, and we're doing a new one. We solicit cool updates from the world, you have to include a link to a photo that was cool, and use that on twitter. If you post that on twitter, starting today, and until June, we're going to aggregate all those tweets, and the top seven get posted on a postcard and mailed out for free to the 200 people signed up on the list. I think this is cool for the physical artificats of the community pinned to the board. I would like to see a show of hands. Has anyone received these? 7? Go to the postcards page, sign up, and we will mail you a postcard with cool pictures and links around July. If you submit the coolest project, it will be printed on the front, printed and sent out for all to appreciate.

There's a new page that we just started called diybio.org/hardware. There's a lot of hardware that is finally happening. Last year there was 3 projects that just kept coming up. Last night I made a list and there's at least 15-20 hardware projects. Just before me there were two amazing hardware projects. There are pieces for the entire toolchain to get made cheaper. I think the time is right now to start cataloging and showcasing different hardware projects that all of us could build. If you go to this page, you can click on any of these entries and it's just a really brief amount of information, if there are source files available, what the license is if there is a license, if you would like to suggest a hardware project, and I know there's a bunch, click on the poster, and leave a comment.

Postcards, hardware, and the planet news.

Quick question: when do postcards close? If you go to the postcards page and click on volume 2, it's 2 weeks from today. It's like the 26th of June. If you hate twitter, you can leave it on the comments on that page.