cleanroom accessories


  • Local grocery or home improvement store
    • Whink brand rust remover contains 2-3% HF.
  • Duda Diesel

    • HCl for metal etching



  • Duda Diesel
    • Technical grade acetone and isopropanol. May have lower impurity levels than hardware/paint store grades.
  • Local hardware store

    • Acetone, denatured alcohol. May have lower purity.
  • Harmony Cleanroom

    • 99% isopropanol / 1% DI water.
  • Pharmacy or some grocery stores

    • Isopropanol (rubbing alcohol). Go for the highest concentration you can get (91% is ideal)


  • MTI - Materials science related supplies including wafers up to 6 inch diameter sold in units of one.

  • University Wafer - Has a wider selection than MTI but minimum orders are high.

  • Singapore Optics Shop - This supplier does not have much of a minimum order (Keep orders above or equal to 5 wafers) but prices can be quite high for small wafers. They do have other wafers like Germanium and also has quite a lot of other cool stuff. They do ship to countries outside Singapore. Price will include SGD $30 handling fee.

  • Latech Scientific Supply - I am putting them back on here after they have updated their information. They do have a minimum order of 25 pieces for wafers of size 3 inches and above. According to their sales representative, wafers smaller than 3 inches can be bought in small quantities. If you want to get a large amount of wafers, I suggest using Latech as their prices are cheaper than the ones at Singapore Optics Shop. They also have some lab stuff that experimenters might be interested in.

other vendors