from cathal

This was from Cathal Garvey a while back:

(02:43:38 PM) Cathal Garvey: Here, this enzyme: Terminal Transferase and easily removed blocking groups on NTP washes = Easy homebrew DNA synthesis reaction?
(02:44:13 PM) Cathal Garvey: In other words, not so dissimilar to the existing method, but without requiring the chemistry of actually joining nucleotides with such care. In fact, you could probably do something like this:
(02:44:21 PM) Cathal Garvey: Oligo annealed to solid substrate
(02:44:29 PM) Cathal Garvey: Ends not phosphorylated at beginning of each step.
(02:45:09 PM) Cathal Garvey: Add a kinase to prime DNA, add NTP + TDT
(02:45:32 PM) Cathal Garvey: Interesting stuff!
(02:45:44 PM) Cathal Garvey: I love all the little methods devised by nature for this function
(02:45:49 PM) Cathal Garvey: By the way, my error there:
(02:46:06 PM) Cathal Garvey: the method I suggest is based on the assumption that the enzyme might bind the oligo end and await an NTP,
(02:46:16 PM) Cathal Garvey: and that you can use NDPs rather than NTPs
(02:46:35 PM) Cathal Garvey: so that it won't polymerise further than a single nucleotide without a step involving kinase
(02:47:06 PM) Cathal Garvey: So you can use two enzymes and NDPs in washes, if that prior assumption regarding the enzyme holds.
(02:47:15 PM) Cathal Garvey: Which is, of course, a huge achilles heel.

more recent

This is from Cathal more recently: "I have a concept that's only use enzymes, DNA and triphosphates. Hoping to try it someday soon for a POC."

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