Question: what is a good general-purpose CAD representation format?

If you have high-resolution constraints and very particular surfaces with particular curves, then it seems wrong to represent them as a collection of fine-grained triangles especially if the triangles don't actually correspond to the desired curvature.

There is a difference between representation format and rendering format. See faq.

Representation formats

  • implicitcad f-reps ? these might be two separate techniques.
  • tessellated polyhedral triangle meshes
  • smoothed quads subdivision surface (catmull-clark etc)
  • b-splines
  • bezier curves
  • CSG boolean representation (unevaluated)

Edge cases

  • high-resolution, smooth surface with particular exact shape that must be transmitted to the CAM/CNC tool with certain specifications
  • intersection of high-resolution curves between two surfaces