title: Review of bitcoin scalability proposals and tech index notes

http://diyhpl.us/~bryan/irc/bitcoin/big-pile.txt http://diyhpl.us/~bryan/irc/bitcoin/scalingbitcoin-review.pdf http://diyhpl.us/~bryan/irc/bitcoin/scalingbitcoin-review.odp http://diyhpl.us/~bryan/irc/bitcoin/bitcoin-selected-bookmarks.2015-09-09.txt http://diyhpl.us/~bryan/irc/bitcoin/bitcoin-selected-bookmarks.2015-09-09.yaml http://diyhpl.us/wiki/transcripts/scalingbitcoin/

scalability proposals: sidechains treechains extension blocks bryan's list of max block size proposals that was sent to the bitcoin-dev mailing list headers-first reverse header-fetching sync libsecp256k1 payment channels hub-and-spoke "increase the max block size" "reduce the interblock time" ECDSA things? schnorr signatures ring signatures borromean ring signatures https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1077994.0 https://github.com/Blockstream/borromean_paper/raw/master/borromean_draft_0.01_34241bb.pdf bloomfilters? ultrapruning pruning

broad topics: - cryptography signing scaling - verification scalability - blockchain sync scalability - mining scalability - scaling total number of transactions - scaling utxo lookup - scaling the p2p network protocol? - bootstrapping via dns? - how many transactions per second? - how many bitcoin transactions per second can be created outside of the network? - how many bitcoin transactions per second can be signed by libsecp256k1? openssl? etc. - what's the performance of libsecp256k1? - what's the performance of openssl? - bottlenecks

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2015-08-29 notes from lunch w/ andytoshi

12:00 treechains, sidechains, bloomtables, libsecp256k1, bdb -> leveldb, block database is maybe leveldb now, utxo scaling with p2sh to make multisig smaller, schnorr signature stuff, tree signatures, not ring signature stuff because it makes scalability worse, borromean ring signature stuff for confidential transactions, spv itself is scalability related, lightning network, atomic cross-chain swap stuff, centralized proposals and off-chain stuff, look at gmaxwell's hardfork wish list, look at gmaxwell's altcoin wishlist, merkelized abstract syntax trees (script executing happens in the merkle tree, satisfying a script only needs to reveal the merkle branch (both scalability and privacy)) ((tree sigs are a special case), drop the OP_RETURN data proposals, drop old utxos (petertodd has a thing about recovering old dropped utxos with some proofs) (you keep your own utxos) (live set, archival set), non-lightning payment channels 12:02 nonmining block signing is technically a scalability proposal (private chain signing stuff) 12:02 extension blocks 12:03 evil extension blocks 12:03 (evil fork) 12:15 utxo set + zero-knowledge proof / snark of the entire blockchain history (asymptotically less verification time, unknown size, proof would take forever to create), merklerize the entire blockchain or do the same thing as the compact spv proofs- embed the header .. put every previous blockheaders in a merkle tree to get a skip list and get compact spv proofs (proposed in the sidechain whitepaper, but amiller said it's broken), skip list stuff in the sidechains whitepaper, you could drop the sequence number from transactions but we want to use that so no, 12:15 headers-first 12:16 distributed hash table lookup for headers (single slide saying "DHT") 12:19 bloom filter stuff for spv clients to look up individual utxos, 12:19 various mempool things 12:21 coin selection / knapsack problem is np-complete probably not much improvements since satoshi's version (might have been same version) 12:23 caching stuff? 12:25 memalloc scalability prolly counts... 12:25 bluematt iblt protocol scalability stuff 12:25 (was large reduction in bandwidth- like 90%) 12:55 probabilistic payments

my braindump of scalability-relevant proposals: treechains sidechains bloom tables, bloom filters libsecp256k1 performance, optimization, etc. bdb -> leveldb mempool database block database utxo scaling with p2sh to make multisig smaller (done) switching everything over to p2sh (smaller) schnorr signature stuff proof-of-treachery (single centralized node, but lots of fraud proofs flying around) tree signatures utxo commitment stuff spv payment channels, lightning network, hub-and-spoke stuff probabilistic payments probabilistic payments + payment channels atomic cross-chain swap stuff centralization ("migrate to postgresql, deprecate p2p network") merklized abstract syntax trees lots of merkle sum tree stuff merkle mountain range stuff? drop OP_RETURN data aging utxos block pruning what was petertodd's thing about providing your own proofs and utxos- did that help with blockchain scalability? nonmining block signing is technically a scalability proposal (private chain signing stuff) extension blocks evil forks using extension blocks subchains utxo set + zero-knowledge proof / snark of the entire blockchain history (asymptotically less verification time, unknown size, proof would take forever to create) compact spv proof stuff stuff about skip lists headers-first powpay replace transaction merkle tree with a Merkle-sum-tree increase the max block size flexcap max block size proposal auxiliary blocks IBLT stuff (gavinandresen?) bluematt's relay network mining-related assurance contracts, or fidelity bonded stuff? merged mining

from adam: - Rusty Russell did some sharding stuff in pettyCoin http://rustyrussell.github.io/pettycoin/ http://rustyrussell.github.io/pettycoin/2014/11/05/Playing-with-invertible-bloom-lookup-tables-and-bitcoin-transactions.html

1) OP_CHECKCOLORVERIFY: soft-fork for native color coin support, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=253385.0, jl2012

2) Merkle tree of open transactions for lite mode? https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=21995.0, Gregory Maxwell

3) Ultimate blockchain compression w/ trust-free lite nodes https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=88208.0 Alan C. Reiner

4) blind symmetric commitment for stronger byzantine voting resilience, http://www.mail-archive.com/bitcoin-development@lists.sourceforge.net/msg02184.html, Adam Back

5) Near-block broadcasts for proof of tx propagation, http://www.mail-archive.com/bitcoin-development@lists.sourceforge.net/msg02868.html, Peter Todd

6) Perverse incentives to withhold blocks http://www.mail-archive.com/bitcoin-development@lists.sourceforge.net/msg03200.html Peter Todd

powpay chain pruning utxo pruning

these months really blew up on the bitcoin-development mailing list: http://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2015-May/thread.html http://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2015-June/thread.html http://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2015-July/thread.html http://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2015-August/thread.html

https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/User:Gmaxwell/alt_ideas hard-fork wishlist

Replace transaction merkle tree with a Merkle-sum-tree .g. If a regular merkle tree uses merge(X,Y) = H(X||Y) a MST would use merge(X,Y) = sum(X[0],Y[0]),H(sum(X[0],Y[0])||X[1]||Y[1]) with fees,hash taking the place of txids in the tree. This allows SPV nodes to stochastically validate the subsidy in blocks by fetching a random leaf and then fetching its txins. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=137933.0

Rule violation announcements http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=29450793

OP_CHECKBLOCKHASHVERIFY -- transaction can only be mined in a chain where that blockhash is in its history

POW which involves queries against the UTXO set (set of spendable coins) Basically a special kind of memory hard POW that proves that the miner has a complete copy of the UTXO set and that the miner is good at querying it Can still be combined with merged mining. (This is entirely Amiller's idea, but I like it a fair bit) One exciting enhancement to this idea I have is making the power H(header||nonce||H(utxo_lookup(H(header||nonce))). This way if you have a stream of utxo queries coming in, you can make the work of them mine for you. Validation then, is mining. If you don't have enough queries coming in you just make some up at random.

UTXO aging maybe demurrage

ultimate P2SH: Represent the script as a merklized abstract syntax tree. The P2SH address is the root. When spending the spender only may provide only the branch they are executing, and hashes for the unexecuted branches. This increases privacy and can compress long scripts on spend.

make every output specify a max_size, which is the maximum marginal increase in size from redeeming this txout in a new transaction. (would need to be coded into addresses) In order to economical align cost the blocksize limit should be based on the effective_size rather than real_size.

Pruned history Structure transactions so that the parts needed for validation (txins, scriptsigs) are separate from the output data (scriptpubkey, output and fee values) and put them in separate hash trees. All nodes fully prune all data more than a few thousand blocks back. Massive space savings and improvements in syncup speed. Massive security loss— an attacker that can construct a large reorg can steal all the transacted coin beyond a certain depth.

Normative and committed merklized UTXO data structure allows full validation of current blocks by storageless nodes with SPV security Can be complimented by proof-of-misbehavior messages that show a block is invalid by packing up the tree fragments that provide the data needed to see its invalidity

ZKP Validated checkpoints— Is it possible to use computational integrity to create compact (constant size) checkpoint proofs that show that a checkpoint was the result of a faithful validation of the blockchain? This could be used to give pruned history the same security as full Bitcoin up to the limitations of the integrity proofs. This requires a CI system with proofs size/complexity that doesn't depend on the 'secret' input to the code being run.

Chain folding If nodes don't actually need to validate old chain data (because of committed UTXO and pruned history), it would be possible to 'fold up' the historic chain: whenever— by chance— a header is found with an apparent difficulty greater than a summary target (some large multiple of the current difficulty) then the next block can have a summary header which has a PREV back to the prior summary as well as the prior blocks. Nodes which are validating just to gauge difficulty can skip the intermediate blocks. This can be applied recursively. If the backpointers are randomized and every block is a candidate summary you end making the chain a merklized skiplist.

Petertodd's MMR TXO: Alternatively, do not store a UTXO set. Instead encode the transactions outputs in the blockchain in a merkle mountain range (an insertion ordered fully populated binary tree, setup to make appends cheap) over the whole chain. Transactions are required to provide the update proofs that show their inputs in the tree (and thus also allow you to null them out). This means that fully validating nodes and miners can be basically storageless, but wallets must take on the cost of remembering their own coins.

adam3us proposes preventing mining policy blockading by blinding inputs. A transaction is mined but it isn't clear which inputs its spending. Fees are paid by unblinded inputs to prevent DOS attacks. Blinding is done in such a way that double spends are still obvious. [4] https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=205533.msg2149057#msg2149057

"Flip the chain", instead of committing to new transactions, commit to the summaries of open transactions: [1] [2] [3] [4] https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=505.0 https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=21995.0 https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/User:DiThi/MTUT#PROPOSAL:Merkle_tree_of_unspent_transactions.28MTUT.29.2C_for_serverless_thin_clients_and_self-verifiable_prunned_blockchain. https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=88208.0

proof-of-treachery https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/User:Gmaxwell/features

If full nodes become expensive to operate in the future then they may become uncommon and this could compromise the security of Bitcoin. This risk can be reduced if it's made possible for Bitcoin nodes to check all the rules at random and transmit compact proofs of rule violations. If this is done even if there is only one honest full node in the world the system is secure so long as it can communicate to all others. In general, in any deterministic computation process if you have simple state updates and commit to the sequence of states a compact proof of invalidity can be generated by producing a hash tree fragment to the first invalidate state transition. Ideas in this space have been previously discussed under the banner of proof-of-treachery [1]. Right now not all of the rules can be checked randomly or have compact proofs. SPV header checks — time, target, difficulty, already have them. But if future SPV nodes don't really check all the headers in the future it may be useful to arrange old header times in a merkle mountain range to proofs of sum difficulty and compact proofs of incorrect difficulty. Proof of invalid script Possible in the current system: Proof is tree fragments for the invalid txn in question as well as one invalid input (no need to include more than one). Could be made more efficient by including commitments to intermediate states, but with the 201 opcode limit all scripts are compact to verify in Bitcoin without doing anything fancier. Also proves nlocktime, etc. To prove output value greater than inputs all inputs must be provided in the proof. Proof of double spend Possible in the current system: Proof is tree fragments for the two transactions which spend the same input. Proof of false inflation Not possible without more data: The coinbase payment is the sum of fees in a block and the subsidy. Fees require knowing the transaction's inputs output values, to check subsidy you must not only have all the transactions but all their inputs as well. This is fixable. Replace the hash tree with one that H((fees_left+fees_right)||H(left)||H(right)) so that the tree commits to the fees. Nodes can randomly check this by grabbing a random txn and checking its inputs, and compactly prove violation by showing where the fees don't match their commitments. Proof of block too large Similar to false inflation, requires all the transactions, can similarly be solved by including the sum of txn sizes in the tree. Proof of spending a non-existing input Requires additional data: proof requires scanning the entire blockchain history Requires a UXTO set commitment as well as a tree for outputs created and consumed within one block. Proof is a pair of tree fragments for the higher and lower records for the missing entry, and another pair for the outputs created within a block but consumed.

http://diyhpl.us/~bryan/papers2/bitcoin/wizards/2014-01-15.txt 00:15:18 i've mentioned it before, but i'd like to stop confusing the word 'centralized' with 'trust-free' 00:17:07 anyway, you could have a bitcoin-like system, where instead of script verification, there was just one huge datacenter computing zero-knowledge proofs of the validity of the chains 00:17:31 it would be totally centralized (as in central point of failure), but to an extent trust-free 00:18:05 sipa: which is roughly what my fidelity-bonded foo ideas were about, especially the fidelity-bonded ledgers version 00:18:26 also, a bunch of N nodes all talking to eachother that all trust eachother is perfectly decentralized, but not trust-free at all 00:19:14 sipa: yes, and with some changes to the way blocks are structured you certainely could have groups of miners who trust each other co-operatively create and mine blocks with individually low-bandwidth nodes 00:19:36 sipa: I think you can even pull that off as a soft-fork 00:20:08 anyway, i'm not making any particular suggestion here 00:20:26 just trying to point out that 'decentralized' is ambiguously used in bitcoin context 00:20:27 well, I try not to use ZKP or snark/scip when designing, haven't learned black magic yet... 00:20:45 jtimon: if it can't be done with hashes, it's not really bitcoin 00:21:39 sipa: I get your point, sometimes just trust-less is enough 00:24:36 petertodd: currently hypothetical replacements for script 00:24:54 any reason why you'd use a stack-based language, and not something ast-based? 00:25:14 (i've been following about 1% of the discussions here the past weeks, i've certainly missed a lot) 00:28:23 sipa: I think the big question is do you need the self-modifying code that forth makes possible? 00:28:32 sipa: for quines it's certainely useful 00:28:49 quines? what do you need that for 00:29:02 sipa: covenants 00:29:15 another thing i need to read... :'( 00:29:16 sipa: IE things like SPV-verifiable colored coins 00:29:52 sipa: write a script that forces the transaction spending it to have a certain form, propagating the colored coin definition like a virus 00:30:10 basically, forcing the outputs of the next transaction to have certain code in their scripts 00:30:29 well, maybe only some of the outputs 00:30:48 and Forth-like languages are really good for this sort of thing, although not required 00:30:51 right 00:31:09 since you basically just have to test the prefix of the output script 00:31:12 also, merklized abstract syntax tree schemes are very forth compatible, even the self-modifying quine versions 00:33:23 maaku: incidentally, keep in mind that as complex as these sharded blockchain ideas are, they can also make these computationally intensive consensus schemes more viable by spreading the computation and space across more miners 00:41:06 jtimon: well, absolutely simpliest is to say a block has a single tx in it :) 00:42:31 I thought it was per-tx pow apart from block pow, the thing I'm more confortable with are "optional pow fees" 00:43:58 jtimon: I think it makes most sense when the only pow is in tx's, although exactly what that'd look like is an interesting question 00:46:13 maaku: well, for me it's a top priority 00:46:21 if i was asked today to write a script language for bitcoin, i think it'd be an AST with slightly lower level crypto operations than bitcoin has now 00:46:33 using some form of ZK-SNARK instead of doing fancy things directly. (I'd still be in favor of improving things generally, e.g. M-AST) 00:46:46 sipa: mostly agree there, what's interesting is what types of data would that script have access too? 00:47:02 i don't think byte arrays as data type is such a bad idea 00:48:27 gmaxwell sipa will an AST really be simpler for script coders? 00:48:47 (since I don't think it ever would make sense to use a SNARK to accomplish a 'simple' (X and Y) or ((X or Y) and 2of3(Q,R,Z)). 00:48:48 jtimon: huh? of course it would 00:48:48 gmaxwell: the SNARK would still have a language it understands though, right? (e.g. tinyram) 00:49:21 maaku: no. What I'd do is just implement a generic snark validation, and providing the snark verification key in the transaction. 00:49:22 sipa: that's not what I mean actually, I mean does the script have access to things like txins, txouts, blockchain headers? 00:49:30 petertodd: for bitcoin, no 00:49:32 jrmithdobbs I mean simpler than Joy, not simpler than the current one 00:49:52 petertodd: well, generalizing the hashtypes may be useful 00:54:27 sipa, yeah, this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abstract_syntax_tree 00:54:39 that's why I'd like a more powerful scipting language - even with opcodes re-enabled it's still a mess 00:56:09 sipa: well there are complications, because we'd want M-AST but the merkelization should be optional... because it doesn't make sense to merkelize something which is smaller than the hash and which you don't need to keep private. 00:57:28 sipa: is there a specific AST that is a good match to bitcoin? 00:57:49 give me a day and i'll write you one 00:58:24 E.g. when eligius proposed using a multisig script for controlling their emergency pool recieving address the policy they decided they wanted was (X and Y) or ((X or Y) and NofM(Q,R,Z...)) and we wrote a script to achieve that... but we had no way to tell for sure that it was safe! 00:58:33 i just mean i'm wondering if you had something in mine, like lisp/scheme or the spineless, tagless machiens of Haskell 01:00:25 gmaxwell: so these theorem provers, what kinds of languages don't they exist for? 01:01:48 petertodd: the provers themselves are seperated from the languages, and there exist tools to convert code into inputs for them for a variety of languages. 01:01:57 maaku: ok, there's a data stack that is initially populated with the script inputs (scriptSig data pushes), and a program, which is a serialized abstract syntax tree 01:03:03 maaku: AST nodes are: access[i] (retrieves the i'th element on the stack, counting from the top, and returns it without modifying the stack) 01:03:14 maaku: const[x] (just returns x) 01:04:28 maaku: let(expr1,expr2), which evaluates expr1 and puts it on the stack, evaluates expr2 using that modified stack, and then pops the element again 01:04:47 maaku: and then some basic arithmetic/crypto/string/... whatever operators 01:05:34 maaku: you can map this indeed to a lazily evaluated functional language 01:05:49 maaku: which would for example mean you don't need to evaluate expr1 in a let, if its expr2 never refers to it 01:10:54 jtimon: we're talking about a generalization of P2SH that works recursively, effectively. 01:20:08 hrm. I just realized that by executing code from the stack Joy/Cat makes it difficult to Merklize... 01:27:21 see, my real point is, with merklized forth it gets even more sophisticated, because your symbol table is hashes of code, and potentially at runtime you'd do something more sophisticated there just get some chunk of code dynamically 01:27:36 yet you can still arrange such that code that's never executed is never provided 01:27:42 that's over my head :) 01:28:14 anyway 01:28:32 one question is if there are other merkle-choosing-like operations possible 01:28:52 which do not mimick if-then-else 01:29:53 i think if you have some for(i in [0..n], f(i)) operator 01:29:58 sipa: tl;dr: forth can do the magic that lisp can do, not with macros, but with self-modifying code 01:30:01 with n a constant integer 01:30:08 right 01:30:15 then you can have a merkle version of it as well 01:30:32 that takes the hash of the non-evaluated loops 01:30:36 and for that matter, you can do tail-recursion for loops too... 01:30:49 and that can still be merklized 01:31:40 without needing to reveal how many loops you wanted to be possible 01:31:55 sipa: well ... if you have a homorphic hash you can do 1 of N execution more efficiently. Though I'm not aware of any way to do that which we'd consider in scope for this discussion. 01:32:05 haha 01:32:08 petertodd: how are you going to merklize forth? 01:32:57 ah, are you thinking of replacing a quoted block with its merkle hash? 01:33:35 maaku: remember, we're merklizing the potential code that can be run 01:34:13 maaku: so if you end up with code that defines new symbols, but doesn't use those symbols, then the symbol definition doesn't actually need to happen if that particular execution trace doesn't use them 01:35:26 sipa: so, linear iterative compression. 01:35:38 say you have some straight line code that can stop at some point. 01:35:49 petertodd: ok, in Joy at least "if/else" is handled like so (I think it's the same for Forth): <predicate-evaluation> [quoted-true-block] [quoted-false-block] OP_IF 01:36:05 in other words, push the code on the stack before execution 01:36:11 maaku: correct 01:36:50 so I suppose we can replace the branch not taken with OP_RETURN (when executing), plus an affixed hash value for what was there 01:36:57 ins0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 you compute H(ins0....H(6|H(7|H(8))...) and then if you execute and run to step 4 and stop, you'd provide 0 1 2 3 4 H(5...H(8)). 01:37:05 ok that would work 01:37:13 maaku: and a symbol is a chunk of code, so you have Symbol1 Symbol2 OP_IF, and symbol2 never executes, then where the symbol is defined in the first place can be replaced with just the hash of the opcodes that would have been put there 01:37:21 I think that structure is not equal to choices. 01:37:24 gmaxwell: that's exactly what i meant 01:37:29 with the for loop 01:37:37 okay, good then I came about to the same thought. 01:37:58 is there something that generalizes those two? are there more? 01:38:09 very good question! 01:38:27 but it's really about some parametrizable control flow 01:45:46 might be interesting to describe a hash based winternitz compressed signature in this language, assuming there exists an OP_PUSH_TX_HASH ... I propose that if our choice operator(s) are good then a maximally efficient winternitz signature will be completely natural. 01:47:35 sipa: you know how a lamport signature works, right? 01:48:49 more or less, yes 01:48:55 for each message bit x, reveal either preimage_x or H(x) depending on if the message bit is 1 or 0. The public key is just the root hash over this data. 01:50:16 hmm 01:50:25 i need to see that on paper 01:50:27 but now now 01:50:47 winternitz optimization: take your message bits in groups of— say— 4 bits. so your 256 bit message becomes 64 4 bits words. you have then 64 preimages. H( ... 16hashes total ..H(H(preimage_n))) and your message word selects how deep in this structure you reveal. 01:51:59 that bit itself isn't secure, since someone could find another message where all the words had higher values than your message, but you can add a couple more checksum words, e.g. 3 for the case of 64 words. with their heights set to a sum of the others such that you can't reduce any of the message words without increasing at least one of checksum words. 01:52:13 in any case, that covers both the kinds of branching we've talked about. 01:54:03 so I suspect that if our language is done well, it actually reduces to one of these hash signatures... it's just doing some extra execution along the way. :P 01:54:21 or at least these signature schemes should express themselves very naturally in the script. 01:57:09 sipa: so here is another kind of 'choice': a choice where the permitted script is provided by the ScriptSig, validated by a key provided in the script and a checksig instead of a hash in the script. 01:57:15 gmaxwell: actually, that fold operator can just be encoded using choice 01:57:49 at every iteration you do a choice that just contains another instance of f 01:57:51 choiceL( choice(choice())) 01:57:52 yea.. 01:58:38 of course, if you provide a normal language construct for fold 01:58:47 as an optimization 01:59:00 you could provide a merkleizing one too 02:01:38 adam3us: So, is there a way with ECDSA, given three messages pick a pubkey,r,s such that pubkey,r,s is a valid signature of any one of the three messages? 02:02:25 I guess pubkey,r,s isn't going to be smaller for just three. Alas. 02:02:38 (so much for my ghetto homorphic hash idea. :P) 03:11:05 jcrubino: the first reference i was given here was about random oracles, and that led me through a very enlightening reference chase: 03:11:06 jcrubino: I think the most fundemental thing I've discovered is the concepts of how mining can be separated into timestamping and proof-of-publication 03:11:10 http://blog.cryptographyengineering.com/2011/09/what-is-random-oracle-model-and-why.html 03:11:13 http://blog.cryptographyengineering.com/2011/09/what-is-random-oracle-model-and-why.html 03:11:16 http://cseweb.ucsd.edu/users/mihir/papers/ro.html 03:11:37 also see the fiat-shamir paper and 'probabilistic encryption' by goldwasser and micali 03:11:55 if you can grok all those, that's enough background to ask intelligent questions re the crypto discussion 03:22:38 well when you spend a lot of time thinking in an adversarial model it changes how you think. 03:23:22 Normal thinking is strongly biased to thinking about the common cases, adversarial model thinking is biased to spend time thinking about the worst possible outcome. 03:32:18 CodeShark: oh, that's a good addition to the -wizards basic training list: understand semiotics and the distinction between sign, signified, and signifier 03:35:21 The answer "in the blockchain" is also wrong thinking— what happens if a blockchain is MMR compressed and only you have the data to prove your coins exists? Is it back in your possession now? What if that data has been further split into multiple parts with an error correcting code and spread to multiple machines. Now where does the coin reside? 03:36:18 gmaxwell: a good counter-question to that falicy is to ask people where does the song "Happy Birthday" reside exactly? 03:36:24 (and of course even ignoring MMR and whatnot wizards wank, it's kind of surprising to say something "resides" someplace public but can't be taken from there by anyone with access) 03:38:02 But also equally insane to say something like a coin resides with its private key, when the private key could be on a relativistic rocket and forever causually disconnected from any payments to it... :) 03:39:50 Fact of the matter is that we use analogies to understand thing by approximation. But there is no need that the (best) analogies need to be physically intutive, in fact basically all of higher mathmatics is about manipulating abstractions which are in no way physically intutive. 03:40:05 gmaxwell: also equally insane if you postulate an insecure signature algorithm that can be broken with 264 work 03:41:36 gmaxwell: I'll add to my wizards list that if you successfully got through a hard first year calc/analysis course with emphasis on proofs you're going to understand crypto-currencies much better 03:42:19 well, either that or it broke you completely and you're unable to reason without a pile of symbology in front of you. 03:43:20 heh 03:45:42 gmaxwell: probably a good thing I failed second year calc - the alternative was to be broken by it 12:14:31 12hr async conversation, caught up, a couple of comments 12:17:22 covenants/quinine scripts. I think relating to a payments ability to require transferable restrictions on the next transaction. i think this could be policy dangerous due to the virality. consider a script that requires follow-on script to have an AML id signature, a few regulations on exchanges, and policy. i understand it allows useful things like SPV coloring in chain, etc but I think satoshi script is policy safer 12:18:20 gmaxwell: "So, is there a way with ECDSA, given three messages pick a pubkey,r,s such that pubkey,r,s is a valid signature of any one of the three messages?" only 2 not 3 i think. 12:19:32 petertodd: "I think the most fundemental thing I've discovered is the concepts of how mining can be separated into timestamping and proof-of-publication" hmm might've been me that seeded that concept. or yet-another-rediscovery gmaxwell/petertodd/adam3us (i tend to get there last as i only started catch up 10mo ago) 12:47:38 petertodd: and i guess timestamp/namespace/bitcoin-ful/bitcoin-spv relation struck me in part because i thought about distributed namespace things (in the OT-like federated but reactive security + public auditability) pre-bitcoin. and you maybe because you looked at timestamping.

15:43:48 adam3us: this is ptertodd's very open design https://www.mail-archive.com/bitcoin-development@lists.sourceforge.net/msg03307.html 15:44:10 but let me summarize the way I see it integrated with regular transactions 15:45:44 transactions only include inputs, not outputs, and miners only include them if none of the inputs they contain have been seen (you need expiries in the TXI set for scalability) 15:46:13 the inputs may actually be garbage, refer to outputs that don't even exist 15:46:54 and all the history of the outputs is transmitted directly between users, it doesn't touch the chain 15:46:58 makes sense? 15:47:51 well, I haven't really though much about interoperate with regular transactions (going from private back to public) 15:48:13 the main problem here seems to be: how fees are paid? 15:48:30 and the only answer seems to be pow fees 15:48:39 petertodd doesn't go beyond that 15:48:53 I think you could have a regular blockchain 15:49:03 and optional pow fees 15:49:27 which miners can somehow "add" to their per-block PoW 15:50:32 maybe you want ot combine it with the "orphan blocks count for the total pow of a given chain" thing on that academic paper 15:50:45 jtimon: btw the first half of that writeup was stuff i summarized to petertodd (the entanglement, timestamp/namespace/minimum validation required) he could've mentioned it... i didnt read the rest of it before to see the txin proposal. it seems like a subset of comitted tx 15:51:13 yeah, seems very similar 15:53:14 jtimon: he could've alternately written "hey here's some stuff adam told me he explored, and i have another idea why dont we tweak committed tx to expose the txin" :) i think that is a more accurate summary of what he wrote. 15:54:55 jtimon: the thing is as i said above probably the bulk of the policy risk is based on the history. the thing about passing history around off-chain was in the committed-tx writeup 15:55:27 if he had done that I would have explained the txin proposal to you much faster ;) 15:56:05 jtimon: and to include clear txt tx-in exposes history. or alternatively if the txin is unlinkable because its never published (its ambiguous at the end) then what he wrote IS committed-tx 15:56:57 jtimon: (yeah sorry i was reading the post so i didnt see your explanation above until you wrote quite a bit you were writing while i was reading) 15:57:26 np 15:58:05 jtimon: i think gmaxwell said in the committed-tx thread it might nearly but not quite be implementable with script. 15:58:33 that post of him, reminded me a discussion Ryan and I had about a txid-only chain for one of our ripplecoins 15:59:01 we wanted to put the powin transactions 15:59:56 if you made the pow on top of another transaction, the pow was "summed up" (we didn't thought in detail about that PoW addition operation) 16:00:39 so people will commit their transaction on top of the longest chain they see 16:01:10 and then we needed a git-like merge 16:01:21 jtimon: yes i was wondering about something like that. i had a PoW variant with addition, however it is very approximate addition and has variance reduction so creates mining fairness issues. 16:01:32 but we realize that didn't prevented doublespendings ;( 16:02:09 adam3us: ok, but it's good to know that it's not completely impossible 16:03:00 jtimon: well ghost protocol could reduce sensitivity to how long it takes to reach consensus (ie not so concerned about orphan rate anymore). 16:03:08 I think it started here? https://bitcointalk.org/?topic=4382.0 16:05:30 jtimon: i was thinking of something related that ideally you would like to allow users to direct mine for small reward without pools and ended up with something ghost-like. i was thinking its too complicated and the incentives looked like they could work but wre also more complicated rules, and maybe more bandwidth a bit. so i thought this is too inellgant. seemingly the ghost authors thought it ok. 16:05:37 if this tx id gets into the chain before expiry, all the sub-txs in it are valid, otherwise none is valid 16:06:08 jtimon: i see in the rfugger thread u linked that you and he had a similar idea about building on non-conflicting orphans. why not indeed, link them all in by reference. 16:06:51 sorry don't know ghost 16:07:29 my latest idea as said was that miners added the user's tx-pow to their block pow 16:07:40 jtimon: there is an academic paper. they claim if you dont ignore orphans but hash into the coinbase non-conflicting orphans and change a few things you can have faster block interval without convegence problems 16:08:34 oh, that's ghost? yeah, that's what I meant by "" maybe you want ot combine it with the "orphan blocks count for the total pow of a given chain" thing on that academic paper "" earlier 16:09:06 jtimon: see it seems to me desirable that a user can claim anytime during the 2week retarget period any work of even small value. then we have less centralization risk. now a way to do that is separate reward from voting. 16:10:00 the users reward is getting their transaction into the block, why would they get anything else? 16:10:03 jtimon: so why not mine on a public key that you use to vote.. then the voting power of the public key is related to the amount of pow on it. and you can use it with a sort of PoS like vote 16:10:57 jtimon: i mean not specifically about your per tx pow, but that i wanted to be able to solo mine say 0.01 btc and claim it relyably without needing pools 16:11:24 what's the purpose? 16:11:39 jtimon: dislike of mining pool cenrtalization risk :) 16:11:58 the purpose of mining is validation not distribution 16:12:07 jtimon: so i tried to explore how could i solo mine. one answer is to be able to mine for smaller amounts. 16:12:52 but if you're mining old stuff, why should the network reward you? 16:12:58 jtimon: agreed. but maybe it can be a two stage process. stage 1 mine for small coinbase-like reward, stage 2 use PoS on the coinbase reward to vote for fee reward 16:13:37 jtimon: u would be mining only your public key. its a kind of micro-level PoS within the 2 week retarget interval only or something 16:21:03 jtimon: (this was part of the entangled design discussion i had with petertodd that he wrote about it a bit in that same post. at the lowest level you could obtain a distributed consensus sequence from a distributed timestamping service) 20:02:01 jtimon: you can save significant block chain space, as well as avoid many difficulties with demurrage / interest if you have explicit assets at the protocol level, in which case it also makes pragmatic sense to have token-based issuers 20:02:08 you could do away with token-based authorizers, although adding them would only be a couple of lines of code at this point. they have somewhat different properties 20:02:36 adam3us gmaxwell: please correct me if i'm wrong, but I think greg's opinion is that permanent covenants attached to a non-demurrage host currency is a Bad Idea. I concur. But make the covenants temporary, the coins themselves perishable, or applied to user issued assets (not colored coins but separately issued assets a la freimarkets), and it is a different story IMHO.

http://diyhpl.us/~bryan/papers2/bitcoin/wizards/2014-01-16.txt 20:28:51 AST are used in a phase of compilation I think, so sipa's point is I think for maybe having different compilers to the AST (also being a tree, easily merklizable) 20:29:24 it may be possible to convert joy to an AST of the type i suggested 20:30:02 <maaku> Forth-like language such as Joy have an AST as well 20:30:21 anyway, i like the idea of these types of script to essentially be an expression 20:30:32 yes, compile joy to an ast should be possible, maybe you can ask that too "should we use joy or the AST compiled from joy?" 20:30:50 it has a natural merkleization 20:31:09 is trivial to analyse wrt to execution time 20:31:20 <maaku> sipa: http://evincarofautumn.blogspot.com/2012/02/why-concatenative-programming-matters.html 20:31:26 <maaku> and http://www.kevinalbrecht.com/code/joy-mirror/j01tut.html 20:32:18 maybe we can even write the scripts in python and compile them to ast, I'm sure the pypy guys have something to build from 20:32:33 <maaku> with a Merklized Joy, you'd consider quotations to be a branch of the AST 20:32:55 <maaku> so, for example, an if statement is: pred [true-branch] [false-branch] if 20:32:57 what advantage does joy/... have? 20:33:14 <maaku> you can separately merklize the true and false branches

http://diyhpl.us/~bryan/papers2/bitcoin/wizards/2014-02-25.txt 07:28:12 petertodd: my response to that was "fine, its possible not to do that, but you get to fund some R&D if thats really your requirement. Some of your competition doesn't mind disclosing this however." 07:28:33 gmaxwell: exactly, which is why I keep saying "take customers a, b, c and allocate their holdings to a subset of the total txouts you have, and have multiple merkle trees leading to multiple txouts" - but yeah, obviously more complex on the backend then just having one 07:29:29 petertodd: I think they should just take the scheme we discussed previously and execute it under a ZKP for general programs. It would be similar in size to the zerocash proofs. 07:30:16 gmaxwell: a ZKP for general programs doesn't meet the crypto-blub test: "Can fine-arts graduate Peter Todd implement it over a weekend?" 07:30:23 I think there is a way using the new blind-ecdsa technique to get the signature out of the zkp too. 07:30:38 petertodd: thats what libraries are for. 07:31:04 gmaxwell: so what? those libraries will need to be ported to multiple languages, tested, etc. etc. it's much uglier than just implementing the dumb thing first 07:31:44 petertodd: oh come on. "system() to a process written in C" I know people are fixated on reinventing the wheel but none of these places are writing their own https servers. :P 07:32:12 I think people should do the dumb and not private thing first, then market pressure will fund whatever it takes to get the private thing. 07:32:14 gmaxwell: hey, I'm being pragmatic here... we can always roll out a ZKP scheme later 07:34:08 petertodd: k then we're not in disagreement. 07:35:16 gmaxwell: remember that once the basics are understood and libraries are in place, crypto-blub Peter Todd becomes capable of harder things!

11:19:43 I'm not sure if I mentioned it but I figured out how to do ZK proof of coin ownership without having ecdsa verify inside the ZKP. 11:20:03 oh? 11:20:14 that sounds pleasingly unintuitive :) 11:20:29 dump the utxo out, and arrange it to a hash tree. Verifer does this too. Both prover and verifier get a hash root. (this step can be skipped if you have a blockchain with a utxo commitment) 11:22:20 you extract a hash tree path to select your coin from the tree, you provide the public key for the coin (pub), you provide a random EC point R = nonce*G, and the point pub+R. 11:23:08 the random point, public key, and hash fragment are provided as secret inputs to the zkp, and the hashroot and pub+R are provided as public inputs. 11:24:00 under the ZKP you prove that the coin is a member of the hashroot, that the pubkey is the right pubkey for the scriptpubkey, and you perform just the EC addition (cheap as EC gets) to prove that the pub+R is pub+R. 11:24:46 then outside of the ZKP you create a signature using the private key secret+nonce. The verifyer verifies the signature and the zkp. and is convinced you own the coin. 11:25:32 basically instead of doing ECDSA verify in the ZKP you do an EC public key blinding which is much cheaper. then you sign with the blinded key. 11:25:45 ah, i see. i was thinking you meant with no signature at all. moving the signature outside the zkp seems fruitful indeed. i once asked eli about doing RSA inside zk-snarks and he mentioned microcoding modular exponentiation 11:25:56 perhaps something like that could be used to reduce the cost even further 11:26:13 so rather than implementing the EC point addition in C and then proving that, you implement it natively as a circuit and trigger it from the proved program 11:27:24 indeed. the thought of a circuit for ECDSA was bothering me, I'm much happier with a point addition. 11:43:32 gmaxwell: in an arithmetic circuit solving the group operation formula should be just a few gates, right? 11:47:57 though i'm not sure if these circuits support division, actually 11:49:54 gmaxwell: doesnt that just hide which coin you own? 11:49:58 TD: it's some dozen field operations or so. (including some multiplies and squares) in an arith circuit there is some blowup because the field isn't the same size. But it shouldn't be terrible. I believe it would be cheaper than another sha256 hash in any case. 11:50:15 adam3us: sure you can throw the value in there too I didn't mention it because it wasn't needed for the hard part. 11:50:45 e.g. value is a public input and it compares it to the private coin too. showing you can sign for a coin of the specified value. Or of an encrypted value or.. 11:51:03 gmaxwell: so then you can prove you own a certain value in zkp. but alternatively you could just sign a msg with the private key. why the zkp is my q really. 11:51:37 adam3us: because if I do that I'm revealing to you which coins are mine, which is a loss of privacy if my goal was only to prove to you that there exist coins I could sign for. 11:52:20 and if I'm encrypting the values, this means I could prove that I have some total of coins matching a total of encrypted liabilities, and not reveal to you how much funds I have in the process, just that the books balance. 11:54:52 where do you find the time to learn so much about all this maths? i am envious :) 11:55:00 i try to keep up but even so, it's tough to find the time 11:55:22 could you configure the arith circuit field size to match the secp256k1 field size? 12:02:00 gmaxwell: but with encrypted values you need something to compare to. that would require what? all users to provide an encrypted and publicly verifiably complete set? 12:07:42 TD: I think not, at least not with the GGPR12 stuff as the arith circuit field size is set by the size of the pairing crypto curve. 12:07:59 adam3us: yea, so this is the old non-fractional reserve protocol stuff without the privacy to solve that. 12:08:25 adam3us: basically you can do a version that involves no funky math, just hashtrees, that proves no fractional reserve with some information leak 12:08:44 first you reveal your bitcoins and prove you can spend them.. so assets are proven. Thats simple. 12:09:16 Then you build a list of all the account balances and arrange them into a hash tree with the sums of the child balances included in the interior nodes. so the root has a hash and a total. 12:09:28 you publish that via a broadcast channel (say, daily) 12:09:52 and then everyone can see that liabilities are <= assets, maybe... to prove that the liabilities are correct: 12:10:28 when each user logs in you give them the tree fragment to prove that they were included in last nights published total and they verify it (with js or browser extension, for example) 12:10:54 of course if a user never logs in, you can steal their balance. 12:10:59 "Oh well, they weren't using it." 12:11:00 gmaxwell: so the idea is users collectively audit it. they check if their coins are in it? 12:11:06 right. 12:11:41 gmaxwell: it seems like the zkp version could be vulnerable to proof lending for a fee.. there is no reputation risk for the prover (the actual owner of the coins) 12:11:48 and so to prevent balance data from leaking in that hash tree you can make the tree a huffman tree, which will maximize the equality of branches (or package-merge to make the maximum depth controlled). 12:12:17 adam3us: it could be— or taking the coins to vegas right after making the proof. 12:12:29 but you elevate from incompetence and mismanagemet to gross fraud at that point. 12:13:05 gmaxwell: yes. i think i'd prefer if no user assets were ever under exchange direct control. that also is possible. the hard part is to make bitcoin scale to handle it, as all trades happen on block chain then 12:13:11 which still seems to be productive to me. You could get more elaborate, like timelocking the funds and show that funds beyond the withdraw daily limits are actually unspendable by the network, but perhaps I'm getting to cipherpunk there. 12:13:44 gmaxwell: no such thing as too cpunk until the exchange can be run by somali pirates (or MagicalTux:) 12:14:18 I don't think thats a reasonable goal for all cases. It's certantly applicable in some and should be used where it is— but existing exchanges are doing things like hitting velocities of many hundreds of trades per second. 12:14:29 gmaxwell: i think exante has a published balance address 12:14:47 gmaxwell: yes thats why i said hard part is to make it scale 12:15:01 in any case getting people to publish proofs has picked up some traction and we'll see some progress there under variations of the protocol I just described, it's better than not. 12:15:27 gmaxwell: i wonder if there is something between "trust exchange" and "trust no one"... eg trust SCIP on sharded blockchain or such 12:15:37 gmaxwell: agreed 12:17:49 gmaxwell: werner mention something about time windows of locked tx or something on bitcointalk.. did you see that post? 12:18:20 maybe? I dunno. it's actually hard to lock a transaction against yourself today. 12:18:32 er lock a txout against yourself. 12:19:37 I came up with a scheme that almost works, if only you could spend a coin without knowing its txid. when you sign the spending transaction (SIGHASH REALLY_REALLY ANYONE CAN PAY) 12:20:10 gmaxwell: i meant sergio demian lerner (not werner) 12:20:52 (my locking scheme was that you write the release transaction with nlocktime and set the signature to a nothing up my sleeve value, then derrive the pubkey and pay to that)

oblivious merkle trees http://diyhpl.us/~bryan/papers2/bitcoin/wizards/2013/03/13-03-28.log 01:57 < amiller> gmaxwell i learned all about oblivious merkle trees, it's really interesting 01:58 < amiller> i tried to think of how that would apply to bitcoin but its strange because it hides access patterns for 'reads' as well as writes 01:58 < amiller> which means every time data is read from an untrusted service, it has to be rewritten back as well 01:58 < gmaxwell> yea, "oram" 01:59 < amiller> the data has to be encrypted for hiding the access patterns to make sense

22:12 < petertodd> related: I'm thinking for a merklized AST what makes sense is merklized forth. The forth dictionary concept is perfect for it, and means you have a simple, easy to implement language already used for embedded andother things (and bitcoin scripting) along with all the usual nice things like editor modes and what not 22:42 < petertodd> Merkle Forth: So you've got your parameter stack and return stack, and are thus at the point where you can recreate Bitcoin scripting. Now the interesting thing to do is add TPM functionality, which means a PCR opcode and stack to allow you to select what you want to consider as the start of the current trusted block of code. Then add an encrypted stack, as expected encrypted with H(sec|PCR tip), and some sort of monotonic counter thing. That should give you enough to do trusted computing with an extremely stable API, and that API itself can be just AST heads of useful library function calls that may actually be implemented directly in C or whatever rather than the opcodes themselves. 22:43 < petertodd> Now off-chain tx's with trusted hardware is just a matter of agreeing on a common program that will manipulate the counters representing value attached to the private keys, as well as agreeing on what signatures sign the classes of hardware you can trust. 22:44 < petertodd> With some careful design you can probably even use the programs themselves to prove fraud/compromised trusted hardware, basically by just providing a program that should have run, and some kind of execution trace proving it didn't do that, at least in many cases. 22:45 < petertodd> Equally, that also makes designing redundent hardware easier, as you can reuse the execution traces to determine if two sealed up uC's runningt he code executed the code in the same way on the same data. 22:47 < gmaxwell> petertodd: I don't know that explicitly supporting that makes sense.. simply because you can just have the trusted hardware produce signed message regardless, even without support. 22:47 < petertodd> gmaxwell: I'm not sure either yet - strikes me that doing traces + monotonic counters could be very tricky, but it's worth looking into at least. 22:57 < petertodd> Anyway, I think the interesting part is more that with the model that you build up every part of the language from the forth primatives you make it very, very clear what code is actually being run. Equally, forth is already common in applications, IE spacecraft, where you need relatively bare metal languages with simple frameworks and symantics; note how with forth it's much easier to get to the level where you trust that the code being run is what you actually wrote than, say, C. 22:57 < petertodd> It's fundementally the same math wise as a tonne of other approaches, but forth makes what is going on very explicit. 23:00 < petertodd> Anyway, I think the interesting part is more that with the model that you build up every part of the language from the forth primatives you make it very, very clear what code is actually being run. Equally, forth is already common in applications, IE spacecraft, where you need relatively bare metal languages with simple frameworks and symantics; note how with forth it's much easier to get to the level where you trust that the ... 23:00 < petertodd> ... code being run is what you actually wrote than, say, C. 23:03 < petertodd> The actual implementation can be some tiny and primitive C kernel with static memory layout. Just be clear what the maximum's are for the variou parts of the stack. Dunno yet what the stack datatype should be, MPI's are nice but there is the subtle issue that it'd be good to have some clear idea of how many operations an operation takes. Of course, really simple would be 32-bit ints and implement everything higher level in forth.

2013/05/13-05-04.log:00:21 < amiller> if you assume that my authenticated data structure merkle UTXO thing works 2013/05/13-05-25.log:01:19 < amiller> also merkle all the things 2013/05/13-05-29.log:11:51 < petertodd> actually, I think just implementing a merkle-sum tree package is worth it - a few companies at the conf said they were interested in that kind of transparency 2013/05/13-05-29.log:13:54 < petertodd> and on top of this, so don't forget you can use a merkle sum tree with your k-v pairs if you want a system where each pair has an individual sacrifice amount 2013/05/13-05-29.log:14:06 < petertodd> One issue here, is what's the equivilant of a UTXO proof? Maybe a merkle mountain range of every value ever associated with a given key? 2013/05/13-05-29.log:14:08 < jgarzik> heh, merkle mountain range 2013/05/13-05-29.log:14:08 < petertodd> The merkle-mountain range is prunable, and the incentive to get it right is that others will see you screwed it up, and won't build upon your sacrifices. 2013/05/13-05-29.log:14:09 < petertodd> jgarzik: https://github.com/opentimestamps/opentimestamps-server/blob/master/doc/merkle-mountain-range.md

merkle tree merkle path merkle skip list merkle mountain range merklized abstract syntax tree merkle sum tree

2013/06/13-06-02.log:02:50 < amiller> every advanced crypto concept is just a) complicated thing b) compicated thing c) merkle tree on top of complicated things d) complicated thing 2013/06/13-06-03.log:12:44 < amiller> it's SNARK + blockchains and merkle trees basically 2013/06/13-06-28.log:02:05 < amiller> gmaxwell, this constant-verification merkle tree proof of work paper from 2009 has a really general form 2013/06/13-06-28.log:02:09 < amiller> gmaxwell, the memory is a merkle tree, the memoryless validator validates merkle tree paths, but the puzzle solve has to access random locations in the memory in sequence 2013/06/13-06-28.log:02:11 < amiller_> gmaxwell, no because you can build a merkle tree then cut and choose over that proof too 2013/07/13-07-02.log:15:07 < petertodd> Although a sane UTXO proof system will make a merkle tree within the transaction itself, IE hashing txins and txouts. 2013/07/13-07-08.log:18:04 < petertodd> amiller: merkle mountain range: https://github.com/opentimestamps/opentimestamps-server/blob/master/doc/merkle-mountain-range.md 2013/07/13-07-08.log:18:13 < petertodd> amiller: I mentioned to TD earlier today the idea of miners committing to a merkle tree of txids in their mempool, just to prove visibility, you could use that if the commitment included txins being spent. 2013/07/13-07-17.log:13:54 < amiller> but you can do this faster if you commit to a skip list (or probably even just a merkle tree to be simpler) that has pointers further back than just the previous block. 2013/07/13-07-18.log:10:58 < amiller> either way you use the merkle root as a commitment then choose interactively if you like 2013/07/13-07-23.log:23:38 < petertodd> I think the advantage over a merkle tree is supposed to be that the underlying primative can be a bloom filter, rather than a complete dataset like a merkle tree 2013/07/13-07-24.log:01:36 < petertodd> Although also, multiple proofs in one tx can be more space efficient as the merkle paths share state 2013/07/13-07-24.log:01:37 < petertodd> (merkleized ASTs would be ideal for this you know...) 2013/08/13-08-01.log:21:31 < petertodd> oh, did I ever show you my merkle mountain range idea? IMO the most intuitive way to do an incremental merkle tree 2013/08/13-08-01.log:21:32 < petertodd> It's pretty similar to merkle skip lists in many ways, but it's just so simple and easy to describe compared to it. 2013/08/13-08-01.log:21:34 < petertodd> merkle mountain ranges was just the way of essentially combining multiple perfect merkle trees into one commitment 2013/08/13-08-24.log:21:32 < gmaxwell> Anyone see a merkle signature scheme where a CSPRNG with a matching tree structure was used to generate the private keys instead of a straight random access CSPRNG? 2013/10/13-10-13.log:19:49 < sipa> theorysipacoin: merkleized abstract syntax tree script, script+txid-indexed utxo set as state, transaction destinations specified as H(script) while in-chain H(H(script)), no malleability in signatures, pubkey recovery for small inputs, payment-protocol only (p2p is just for broadcasting to miners), txouts state the size/cpu limitations of the script that will spend them, tx fees go into a to-be-mined pool which is only partially paid out in each block

2013/10/13-10-15.log:16:13 < petertodd> gmaxwell: you just provide a merkle path from the txout to the TXO commitment - the mountain range gets modified every time a txout is spent and the commitment of the current version of it is included in every block 2013/10/13-10-17.log:14:03 < midnightmagic> just love how merkle trees are going into everything these days 2013/10/13-10-17.log:14:04 < amiller> i bought merkletrees.org from namecheap (with bitcoins) 2013/10/13-10-17.log:21:31 < petertodd> maaku: yeah, what's interesting is the naive way of building a merkle tree, going left to right and just promoting the left most odd element, naturally gives you a MMR 2013/10/13-10-17.log:21:37 < petertodd> amiller: Appending needs to touch only the "mountain tips", that is the perfect merkle trees already stored, and for n items stored you'll have log2(n) trees. (roughly)

2013/10/13-10-25.log:13:34 < petertodd> adam3us: ooh, reminds me re: commited txs: I've got an idea where you'd make transactions have commitments of previous ones with a merkle-mountain-range-like scheme so you could efficiently reference any previous transaction up to the genesis block. This is easiest to understand if transactions can only have linear history, but a dag history is doable too. Anyway, wallet software would receive that history to know the coins are valid, thus pushing validation directly to the users. Obviously some way of pruning that history is important, SCIP is heavy-weight and complex but could work. 2013/10/13-10-25.log:13:39 * petertodd needs to come up with a good directed acyclic graph version of merkle mountain ranges 2013/10/13-10-25.log:13:53 < petertodd> (although I guess you could use a merkle-sum-tree to combine txin values and split txout values) 2013/10/13-10-25.log:14:16 < petertodd> adam3us: ok, sounds like this is a bit of an issue with large transactions, as there's a trade-off between "publish the whole tx" as your fraud proof, and having more complex merkle trees 2013/10/13-10-25.log:14:16 < petertodd> see, we were thinking of doing merkle sum trees extending into the transaction txins and txouts, which is cheap with un-hidden values, not so cheap with a homeomorphic system 2013/10/13-10-25.log:14:31 < petertodd> adam3us: that's exactly what I mean! for instance I had a scheme for an asymmetricly validatable proof-of-work function with merkle trees where the size of the proofs was directly related to the parallelism possible, and commodity ram had way less parallelism than optimal

2013/10/13-10-25.log:14:49 < adam3us> petertodd: "an idea I had was for the tx merkle tree to include pow" did you see this paper http://hashcash.org/papers/merkle-proof.pdf by fabien coelho, i'm pretty sure you did maybe you were on the im thread when i heard a ref to it

09:22 < adam3us> petertodd: its a fun fact yes; we dont care what history is, just that it doesnt change


2013/0#bitcoin-wizards.log:16:21 * petertodd doesn't understand the meaning of merkleized...

2013/0#bitcoin-wizards.log:17:53 <@petertodd> Ok, lets see if I get the concept right: So one possible accumulator would be to construct a merkle tree of a bit field with one bit for every integer between 0 and 2256. You can prove you added an integer to that set by showing the leaves for an operation updating the appropriate bit, and you can remove an integer with another set of leaves. (equally any deterministic binary tree works) 2013/0#bitcoin-wizards.log:19:48 <@petertodd> Each block is signed by the ledger, and the blockchain is linked by a merkle mountain range hash system. 2013/0#bitcoin-wizards.log:19:55 <@petertodd> (with merkle summing) 2013/0#bitcoin-wizards.log:12:18 <@sipa> which means it can be merkleized: you associate a hash with every node, and by just having the root hash, you can prove that a particular path through the tree belongs to it 2013/0#bitcoin-wizards.log:12:27 < HM> How does a merkle hash play in this ? 2013/0#bitcoin-wizards.log:12:32 <@sipa> so, in case the AST is merkleized, you could just provide the hash of the X or Y subtree, instead of its full data 2013/0#bitcoin-wizards.log:12:34 <@sipa> and the merkle root (which is what the txout specified) remains valid 2013/0#bitcoin-wizards.log:12:45 <@sipa> the HASH_x entries are just necessary to make the merkle root of the AST work out 2013/0#bitcoin-wizards.log:12:46 <@sipa> it may need to be there, to make the merkle root work out 2013/0#bitcoin-wizards.log:12:00 < HM> Heh, wow.... digital signatures using merkle trees 2013/0#bitcoin-wizards.log:13:44 < amiller_> hm yeah digital signatures were the first use of merkle trees

2013/10/13-10-25.log:14:49 < adam3us> "An (Almost) Constant-Effort Solution-Verification Proof-of-Work Protocol based on Merkle Trees"

20:28 < kanzure> needs to be more proposals about getting rid of blocks and just making sure rule validity was ensured, less about syncup concerns or utxo bloat, in general 20:30 <@gmaxwell> kanzure: are you up to doing wizards log extraction? there is a proposal for me that gets rid of transactions in terms of history. 20:30 <@gmaxwell> (same one where I argue the equivilence of strong scalabilty and privacy.) 20:32 <@gmaxwell> I argue a specific commitment structure where miners, armed with a succinct ZKP for NP statements, create blocks which provide only an update to the UTXO set, and a constant size proof that the new utxo set was an authorized modification according to some unspecified number of undisclosed transactions. 20:33 <@gmaxwell> It's lovely, except for the current infeasability of running ECDSA verification in the prover unless we don't mind 12 hour blocks. :) 20:33 < kanzure> gmaxwell: that's the style of proposal that we need more of. even something more limited than that could work. 20:33 <@gmaxwell> Though it could actually be pratical if transactions instead used lamport-like signatures. 20:34 <@gmaxwell> (ironically, making signatures 20x larger makes the scheme pratical) 20:34 < kanzure> i would also be interested in systems where treechains or sidechains or whatever chains are self-limiting and voluntarily split off into smaller systems somehow, so that you don't run into problems like "supernodes are too expensive to setup, so certain forms of mining fraud is tolerated". 20:35 <@gmaxwell> kanzure: right, what you're asking about is actual scalability proposals, ... its rather irritating to me that current scale proposals keep getting incorrectly described as scalability. 20:36 <@gmaxwell> There are very few in general, presumably because it's hard. Also because they inherently invoke a trade-off. 20:36 < kanzure> also: i think spending lots of time coming up with a zero knowledge proof could be a worse bottleneck? hopefully not.

17:00 < jgarzik> kanzure, at which link are you collecting all the ideas? (sorry for the FAQ) 17:01 < jgarzik> kanzure, and, , did you see https://github.com/jgarzik/auctionpunk :) Bitcoin-specific auction, where only one bid is valid, bidders must provably commit funds to an auction, and more. 17:01 < jgarzik> only one-of-N bids is valid, from the blockchain perspective 17:03 < jgarzik> kanzure, another idea developed in IRC a bit is a "IM chain" -- freeze funds using CLTV, to obtain N bytes worth of posting rights to a chain that operates with a 14-day moving window (meaning all data after 14 days is pruned network-wide) 17:03 < jgarzik> a better-bitmessage 17:04 < jgarzik> kanzure, amiller and I also sketched a design for a DHT which required funds in order to store resources 17:05 < jgarzik> kanzure, I did a bit of code writing for "data coin", a chain focused on data storage 17:07 < jgarzik> kanzure, http://impulse.is/impulse.pdf describes an interesting idea -- have a wallet with N open payment channels; the process of sending funds involves treating "payment channels as UTXO" -- to spend you must gather one or more open payment channels, sufficient to cover the value being spent. This results in added traffic on the blockchain, but instant secure payments. 17:07 < jgarzik> All the best material though is found trolling through ancient bitcointalk.org threads, and looking at old posts of key authors like Tier Nolan 17:11 < kanzure> i am curious if your data coin was the same thing as the dht pay-for-storage amiller concept? 17:11 < jgarzik> kanzure, no, datacoin was a chain 17:11 < jgarzik> kanzure, the DHT thing was separate 17:12 < jgarzik> kanzure, it followed on an IRC theme of designed bitcoin-bound side chains (unrelated to Blockstream Side Chains(tm)) 17:12 < jgarzik> designing 17:13 < kanzure> i found when reading the forums that there have been many "side-chains" and we collectively don't know how to name different ideas 17:13 < jgarzik> I'm using "side chains", little "s" little "c" 17:13 < jgarzik> as inclusive of merged-mined chains, Side Chains(tm), any chain with bitcoin-anchored tokens and/or security 17:14 < jgarzik> kanzure, more for the idea pile: "active addresses" - on-chain entities a la Ethereum that can hold balances, and execute scripts when new funds come in 17:23 < jgarzik> kanzure, there are autonomous agent threads to follow. StorJ http://garzikrants.blogspot.com/2013/01/storj-and-bitcoin-autonomous-agents.html and me working on part of that problem moxiebox, https://github.com/jgarzik/moxiebox 17:25 < jgarzik> kanzure, and then there's the decentralized market stack: DC currency + DC market + DC identity & reputation & attestation/auditing/qualificaiton 17:25 < jgarzik> A lot of ideas with bitcoin at their core 17:38 < jgarzik> kanzure, I view collecting all these ideas as one of the biggest contributions somebody could make to the ecosystem 17:38 < jgarzik> kanzure, there is a wealth of material just lying around, waiting to be picked up 17:38 < jgarzik> there is also duplication, and people claiming 2015-era inventions that were first described independently by someone else in 2010 or 2011 17:44 < jgarzik> tree chains are mainly a rhetorical device petertodd employs when he doesn't like a random idea ;p 17:50 < jgarzik> kanzure, ah yes, "mailboxes" mentioned on same page, https://botbot.me/freenode/bitcoin-wizards/2015-04-12/?page=5 17:50 < jgarzik> tiny bits of on-chain storage, associated with some funds. storage goes away when funds go away. 18:02 < jgarzik> kanzure, I expect to be paid back with a voluminous link that can be shared publicly :)

18:16 < jgarzik> kanzure, (ideas pile) One of my thoughts is that scaling bitcoin will indeed involve side chains. chains will fork off the main chain, and merge/settle back into the main chain. lightning does this, yes, but it can be done more simply and effectively with a side chain. 18:17 < jgarzik> similar to git fork and git merge 18:17 < jgarzik> a cluster of users will achieve short term consensus to fork a chain 18:19 < jgarzik> (semantic note: "fork" here is not a hard fork or soft fork; it refers to a departure from the main chain) 18:20 < jgarzik> later, when that decentralized cluster (a decentralized market?) de-allocates, settlement (merge) with main chain occurs. 18:20 < jgarzik> One hyper scaling future fills the main chain with nothing but side chain activity

18:21 < jgarzik> kanzure, In general I'm a fan of lightning 18:22 < jgarzik> kanzure, Trying to reason out whether or not it is simpler for a future end user [wallet] to simply use "the local San Francisco side chain for low value payments" versus a lot of lightning network routing 18:22 < jgarzik> there is routing in either case 18:23 < rusty> kanzure: oh, I missed that. Atomic-swap-to-X seems like something we'll want to ddo.

sergio lerner

It's easy to me to list my own ideas because I have them already listed in my blog. Here they are:

QixCoin: The first Turing-complete cryptocurrency http://qixcoin.com/

MAVE: Digital Signature Protocol for Massive bulk verifications (an extension to Guy-Fawkes signatures) http://www.linkedin.com/redir/redirect?url=http%3A%2F%2Fbitslog%2Ewordpress%2Ecom%2F2012%2F04%2F09%2Fmave-digital-signature-protocol-for-massive-bulk-verifications%2F&urlhash=bC1L&trk=prof-publication-title-link

MAVEPAY: a new lightweight payment scheme for peer to peer currency networks(Link) http://www.linkedin.com/redir/redirect?url=http%3A%2F%2Fbitslog%2Ewordpress%2Ecom%2F2012%2F04%2F16%2Fmavepay-a-new-lightweight-payment-scheme-for-peer-to-peer-currency-networks%2F&urlhash=yyJX&trk=prof-publication-title-link

New Opcode: PUSH_SIG https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=405200.msg5681780#msg5681780

Paycket protocol: How to reward nodes that relay txs https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=385528.msg4155300#msg4155300

PayQueue: Still another protocol to reward nodes that relay txs https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=385528.msg4154714#msg4154714

Hidden-branch-protection Protocol https://bitslog.wordpress.com/2013/06/26/the-bitcoin-eternal-choice-for-the-dark-side-attack-ecdsa/%20

Soft-fork Proposal: allow nLockTime specify an upper limit instead of lower limit https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=308626.msg3309762#msg3309762

The Tick Method: How to prevent wallet theft (someone discovered a bug in this protocol, but I don't remeber what w was it) https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=307211.msg3308565#msg3308565

BIP: Increasing the Network Hashing Power by reducing block propagation time https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=145066.0

HL mining protocol (Heavy/Light mining): reducing block propagation problems https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=272709.msg2924821#msg2924821

New opcode: OP_PUSH_BLOCK_DATE https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=255110.msg2734275#msg2734275

Still More New Opcodes proposal https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=255110.msg2717864#msg2717864

Destination Address Anonymization in Bitcoin, August 6, 2012 https://bitslog.wordpress.com/2012/08/06/destination-address-anonymization-in-bitcoin/

New SIGHASH_MULTI flag https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=188695.msg1955371#msg1955371

New Opcode: OP_COPY_SCRIPTSIG https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=164655.msg1720098#msg1720098

A clean solution to ALL Bitcoin problems: SatoshiDice, Block size, future fees. CoVar and Restricted-CoVar https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=147124.msg1561612#msg1561612

Global Pool Mining Proposal and a fast light tx verification system (a precursor of GHOST) https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=137819.msg1469240#msg1469240

Fee confiscation: a solutions to the tragedy of the commons problem https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=134024.msg1447017#msg1447017

Proof of Bet – An alternative to everything else https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=131230.msg1405173#msg1405173

Using the version field as more nonce space while maintaining backwards compatibility https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=89278.msg1247692#msg1247692

Peer Isolation for DoS prevention https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=110365.msg1201016#msg1201016

Different Hashing proposal to prevent mining hardware “time bomb” https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=106266.msg1167756#msg1167756

Double-Spend alert system https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=106026.msg1162636#msg1162636

More on Double-Spend alert system https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=106026.msg1167651#msg1167651

A solution to the “Tragedy of the Commons” problem in Bitcoin ? https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=101637.msg1111950#msg1111950

Emulating 2-3 multisig with DAA https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=98827.msg1083995#msg1083995

Escrow without third parties https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=98827.msg1081648#msg1081648

APPECoin, a system with total anonymization – key design points (uses universal re-encryption and short ZNPs of shuffles, unfinished draft paper available on bitslog.com website) https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=96029.msg1058459#msg1058459

Possible use for the double hash in blocks (forward only second hash preimage) https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=84498.msg933032#msg933032

DECOR+ Protocol, May 7, 2014 (Second version of the protocol that solves the selfish mining problem) https://bitslog.wordpress.com/2014/05/07/decor-2/

DECOR protocol, May 2, 2014 (first version of the protocol) https://bitslog.wordpress.com/2014/05/02/decor/

SmartSPV Protocol – A better Simplified Payment Verification for Smartphones, April 25, 2014 https://bitslog.wordpress.com/2014/04/25/smartspv-a-better-simplified-payment-verification-for-smartphones/

AppeCoin Anonymous Cryptocurrency Draft, April 24, 2014 https://bitslog.wordpress.com/2014/04/24/appecoin-anonymous-cryptocurrency-draft/

The Private Automatic Miner Backbone Protocol (PAMBA), April 19, 2014 https://bitslog.wordpress.com/2014/04/19/the-private-automatic-miner-backbone-protocol-pamba/

MinCen: A new protocol to achieve instant payments, March 20, 2014 https://bitslog.wordpress.com/2014/03/20/mincen-a-new-protocol-to-achieve-instant-payments/

The re-design of the Bitcoin block header, March 18, 2014 https://bitslog.wordpress.com/2014/03/18/the-re-design-of-the-bitcoin-block-header/

Safe merged-mining Protocol, February 20, 2014 https://bitslog.wordpress.com/2014/02/20/safe-merged-mining/

FastCoin5 Protocol: 5-seconds block intervals for instant payments, February 17, 2014 https://bitslog.wordpress.com/2014/02/17/5-sec-block-interval/

Strict memory hard hash functions, December 31, 2013 https://bitslog.wordpress.com/2013/12/31/strict-memory-hard-hash-functions/

Group Signatures with proposed Trapdoor threshold anonymity property, July 30, 2013 https://bitslog.wordpress.com/2013/07/30/can-financial-privacy-coexist-with-regulation/

P2pTradeX Protocol, July 05, 2012 https://bitslog.wordpress.com/2013/05/20/p2ptradex-back-from-the-future/

Faster SHA-256 ASICs using carry reduced adders, February 7, 2015 https://bitslog.wordpress.com/2015/02/17/faster-sha-256-asics-using-carry-reduced-adders/

Proof of unique blockchain storage, November 3, 2014 https://bitslog.wordpress.com/2014/11/03/proof-of-local-blockchain-storage/

Blockpad: Improved Proof-of-work function with decentralization incentives, July 5, 2014 https://bitslog.wordpress.com/2014/07/05/blockpad-improved-proof-of-work-function-with-descentralization-incentives/

Preventing Geographical Centralization of Cryptocurrency Mining with the LIMIO protocol, July 4, 2014 https://bitslog.wordpress.com/2014/07/04/preventing-geographical-centralization-of-cryptocurrency-mining-with-the-limio-protocol/

(I have several more unfinished papers in the works...but I'm always out of time)

I would really like to see the master index published. Please, send me a link to it when it's ready.

Best regards, Sergio.

TODO: include hyperlinks from this email


Thanks for your effort to collect the ideas. I have proposed many in the past 3 years and it is difficult even for me to collect them.

Here are some of my ideas:

Short term / blocksize:

  1. The use of tx version field in BIP62 and 68: http://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2015-August/010043.html

I don't have a strong opinion to BIP68, but I'm really worrying about BIP62. If BIP62 is not optional, it would be a big trouble for "P3SH". We will need a bunch of DROP and 2DROP at the end of the scriptPubKey, or we have to serialize everything into one push in the scriptSig (with 520bytes limit)

BIP62 will also eliminate some innovative use of OP code in scriptSig, such as "mis-matched ENDIF" described by Peter Todd: http://www.mail-archive.com/bitcoin-development@lists.sourceforge.net/msg07384.html

  1. Hardfork bit: https://github.com/jl2012/bips/blob/master/hardforkbit.mediawiki https://www.reddit.com/r/bitcoin_devlist/comments/3ekhg2/bip_draft_hardfork_bit_jl2012_at_xbthk_jul_23_2015/

Gavin doesn't like this idea: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/bitcoin-xt/VtCviJlw1Rw/EegqJNegDgAJ

You mentioned on the IRC that it may keep the MSB on after the hardfork, until next hardfork.

  1. Limiting the growth of UTXO when we increase the max_block_size / setting a hard limit for a composite score of size, delta-UTXO, and sigop. I think you have a similar idea so I'm not quoting.

Next generation of script (P3SH):

  1. Some ideas for MAST (merklized abstract syntax tree) / P3SH: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=255145.20

  2. OP_RETURNTRUE: allowing softfork for any new OP CODE: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1106586.0 We can have it as part of P3SH softfork

  3. Script 2.0 wish list: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=490829.0, particularly:

  4. More public key algorithms
  5. More hashing algorithms
  6. Support shorter hash and public key for micro-payment and short-term storage (to save block space)

  7. New SIGHASH types: http://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2015-August/010759.html


Partial validating nodes: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1103281.0

Emergency: The use of Guy Fawkes Signature in case of ECDSA zero-day exploits https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=320634.0

Longterm / academic only:

Auxiliary block: softfork for any imaginable rules, except those redefining the block header https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=283746.0

Increase currency divisibility with soft-fork: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=256516.10

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5b23fqg3 2014-09-18T16:39:19+00:00 https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=260595.0 bitcoin bitcointalk webbtc bitcoin-ruby sighash transactions bugs consensus libbitcoin script boost c++ blocks petertodd webbtc.com forking fork attack security precaution caution bitcoin-core bitcoin-qt non-standard gmaxwell incompatibility year-2013 cautionary-tale

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yllpzvbx 2014-09-20T03:03:00+00:00 https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=1790.0 bitcointalk thread post bitdns namecoin dns bitcoin cryptocurrency bitx p2p

4hhjhwp5 2014-09-20T03:03:50+00:00 https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=316297.0 bitcoin bitcointalk distribution wealth owners owner bitcoin-wealth rpietila estimates estimation estimating

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dafnya53 2015-08-13T13:03:24+00:00 https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2015-August/010198.html bitcoin bitcoin-dev mailing-list email CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY bip proposal opcode relative-locktime relative locktime sequences sequence nSequence nsequence soft-fork maaku btcdrak

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xiy7bpaa 2015-08-30T16:25:33+00:00 http://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2014-October/006662.html bitcoin bitcoin-dev mailing-list email year-2014 petertodd checklocktimeverify OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY OP_CLTV bip draft proposal expiration expiry txouts outputs transaction paypub payment-channels scalability scaling

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67fuk64i 2015-08-30T16:32:33+00:00 http://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2014-December/006994.html bitcoin bitcoin-dev mailing-list email year-2014 petertodd zookeyv proof-of-sacrifice proof-of-burn burn-mining sidechains zerocoin censorship-resistance

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y2ys2tv3 2015-08-30T16:42:44+00:00 http://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2015-February/007404.html bitcoin bitcoin-dev mailing-list email year-2015 petertodd replace-by-fee writeup fees fee transaction-fees transaction-fee mempool reliability

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tw2gt3ct 2015-08-30T17:06:46+00:00 http://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2015-March/007713.html bitcoin bitcoin-dev mailing-list email year-2015 petertodd factom criticism proof-of-publication

gaafg6x6 2015-08-30T17:07:35+00:00 http://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2015-March/007714.html bitcoin bitcoin-dev mailing-list email year-2015 matt-corallo bluematt relative-checklocktimeverify OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY checklocktimeverify OP_RELATIVECHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY OP_CLTV OP_RCLTV proposal scalability scaling

fqxy777s 2015-08-30T17:08:59+00:00 http://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2015-April/007804.html bitcoin bitcoin-dev mailing-list email year-2015 matt-corallo bluematt relative-checklocktimeverify OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY checklocktimeverify OP_RELATIVECHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY OP_CLTV OP_RCLTV proposal scalability scaling petertodd

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wn6ll5k5 2015-08-30T17:12:06+00:00 http://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2015-May/007880.html bitcoin bitcoin-dev mailing-list email year-2015 gmaxwell block-size max-block-size flexcap decentralization centralization security fees dan-kaminsky

oxfgzjzg 2015-08-30T17:13:52+00:00 http://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2015-May/007970.html bitcoin bitcoin-dev mailing-list email year-2015 tiernolan tier-nolan OP_CLTV OP_CHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY checklocktimeverify assurance-contracts assurance-contract mining miners proposal

wzouiurm 2015-08-30T17:15:45+00:00 http://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2015-May/008000.html bitcoin bitcoin-dev mailing-list email year-2015 sipa pieter-wuille proposals proposal propagation blocks relay-network bluematt matt-corallo gavinandresen IBLT iblt set-reconciliation erasure-coding gmaxwell network-block-coding ropagation-delay

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hj7m2kpy 2015-08-30T17:21:47+00:00 http://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2015-May/008283.html bitcoin bitcoin-dev mailing-list email year-2015 maaku sequence-numbers proposal OP_CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY OP_CSV checksequenceverify nsequence transaction-replacement

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oqahgpyl 2015-08-30T17:25:08+00:00 http://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2015-June/008447.html bitcoin bitcoin-dev mailing-list email year-2015 maaku sequence-numbers proposal OP_CHECKSEQUENCEVERIFY OP_CSV checksequenceverify nsequence transaction-replacement OP_RCLTV OP_RELATIVECHECKLOCKTIMEVERIFY relativechecklocktimeverify bip draft bip68

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2ao7zmum 2015-09-04T00:09:11+00:00 http://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2015-September/010909.html bitcoin bitcoin-dev mailing-list email bryan-bishop payment-channels lightning-network cross-chain multi-chain transactions transaction-fees multi-hop channel-network payment-channel-network

2pcwaimo 2015-09-04T20:35:23+00:00 https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/pipermail/bitcoin-dev/2015-May/008356.html bitcoin bitcoin-dev mailing-list email adam-back adam3us extension-blocks extension-block soft-fork scalability scaling max-block-size block-size

hwxuoe6c 2014-11-17T18:30:33+00:00 http://www.mail-archive.com/bitcoin-development@lists.sourceforge.net/msg01786.html bitcoin-development mailing-list archive bitcoin petertodd gmaxwell fidelity-bonded fidelity-bonded-ledgers bonded sidechains

3jdyxdfl 2014-12-15T16:57:05+00:00 http://www.mail-archive.com/bitcoin-development@lists.sourceforge.net/msg06466.html bitcoin-development mail-archive email mailing-list bitcoin development petertodd SIGHASH_SINGLE consensus consensus-critical bugs

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k7mu4k3q 2014-12-10T00:45:02+00:00 http://sourceforge.net/p/bitcoin/mailman/message/30531383/ bitcoin-development mailing-list archive bitcoin petertodd gmaxwell fidelity-bonded fidelity-bonded-ledgers bonded sidechains bitcoin-dev email year-2013 fidelity-bonds bonds chaum-token chaumian chaum chaum-tokens redemptions

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kowib6id 2015-02-13T13:49:09+00:00 http://sourceforge.net/p/bitcoin/mailman/message/33408139/ sourceforge bitcoin bitcoin-development p2sh multisig deterministic pay-to-script-hash addresses wallets hierarchical signatures proposal

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3agocu6v 2014-09-21T21:16:19+00:00 https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Faq bitcoin wiki faq

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u3kfhsul 2015-03-13T19:26:00+00:00 https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Atomic_cross-chain_trading bitcoin wiki atomic-cross-chain-trading atomic-swaps swaps trading cryptocurrency TierNolan tiernolan mike-hearn transactions swapping altcoins altchain altchains blockchain currency finance atomic-cross-chain-transfers cross-chain atomic-cross-chain-transactions atomic nlocktime tier-nolan

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l575wywo 2015-03-31T17:42:44+00:00 https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/From_address bitcoin wiki addresses from-address from-addresses from explanation

6pkka2ex 2015-06-18T23:37:44+00:00 https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Difficulty#How_is_difficulty_stored_in_blocks.3F bitcoin wiki bitcoin-wiki difficulty blocks blockchain block-headers headers data-format data-structure integers bdiff pdiff difficulty-math difficulty-calculation difficulty-target

juylaedo 2015-07-22T16:54:38+00:00 https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/Contract#Example_7:Rapidly-adjusted.28micro.29payments_to_a_pre-determined_party bitcoin wiki micropayments payment-channel payment-channels bitcoinj bitcore-channel bitcore payments transactions nlocktime timelock multisig

q23j46ev 2015-08-29T17:40:58+00:00 https://en.bitcoin.it/w/index.php?title=Zero_Knowledge_Contingent_Payment bitcoin wiki zero-knowledge contingent-payment payments payment hash-locked hash-lock hashlock hashlocked coinswap privacy proposal verification

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gomjqhua 2015-08-31T21:01:54+00:00 https://en.bitcoin.it/w/index.php?title=Special%3AAllPages&from=Gmaxwell&to=gmaxwelm&namespace=2 bitcoin wiki gmaxwell user-pages userpages index

g7j5shab 2015-08-31T21:04:49+00:00 https://en.bitcoin.it/wiki/User:Gmaxwell/covenant_busting bitcoin wiki gmaxwell covenants covenant covenant-busting proposal fungibility busting

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xozw2lab 2015-01-06T21:50:16+00:00 https://github.com/BitGo/BitGoJS/blob/66fb0c833124e5561bf8d3477c4d632e488d1180/src/transactionBuilder.js#L121 github git bitcoin bitgo bitgojs javascript js open-source software coin-selection

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fqfazvdr 2015-03-08T07:24:18+00:00 https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/blob/2f10aa0fa122b089d8affbe725008f054a00fe46/src/test/wallet_tests.cpp#L66 github bitcoin source-code coin-selection tests testing test coins SelectCoinsMinConf BOOST_CHECK

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giwj4vkq 2015-06-09T14:30:41+00:00 https://github.com/ElementsProject/elements git github elements bitcoin sidechains blockstream blockchain open-source software testnet experimentation experiments confidential-transactions segregated-witness relative-lock-time schnorr-signatures opcodes deterministic-peg two-way-peg signed-blocks

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ix4ayc5c 2015-06-18T02:51:08+00:00 https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin.org/pull/894 github bitcoin bitcoin.org hard-fork hard-forks contentious-hard-forks policy harding david-harding

yyllhh65 2015-06-20T16:25:22+00:00 https://github.com/ElementsProject/lightning/blob/0666265b5e4149a3c82e2ef19400f802de3dad90/test-cli/HOWTO-USE.md github elementsproject elements-project elements bitcoin cryptocurrency lightning lightning-network scalability scaling howto docs documentation

zdlnby44 2015-06-20T22:07:46+00:00 https://github.com/jtimon/bips/blob/bip-forks/bip-forks.org jtimon bitcoin github bips hard-forks soft-forks consensus-forks forks forking software consensus bip

unk4mxha 2015-07-03T13:28:44+00:00 https://github.com/bitcoin/bitcoin/pull/6364#issuecomment-118347254 github bitcoin mike-hearn wumpus blacklists tor bitcoind bitcoin-core

7z2gh6sq 2015-07-22T16:57:21+00:00 https://github.com/jgarzik/mcp bitcoin github software jgarzik payment-channel payment-channels mcp prototype

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kizjyh2o 2015-08-13T13:06:19+00:00 https://github.com/priestc/moneywagon moneywagon open-source software bitcoin python library 1HWpyFJ7N6rvFkq3ZCMiFnqM6hviNFmG5X priestc api web bc.i

72n3w47v 2015-08-18T22:32:35+00:00 https://github.com/Roasbeef/bitcoin/commit/4b3c3f1baf7985208ceb6887261ee150ab6e3328 bitcoin SIGHASH_NOINPUT bitcoind bitcoin-core

zenkc7mx 2015-08-18T22:32:47+00:00 https://github.com/Roasbeef/btcd/commit/67830e506fa135d5239177340918cea39909e6a4 btcd bitcoin SIGHASH_NOINPUT golang

ro5pqew2 2015-08-18T22:53:24+00:00 https://github.com/bitcoin/bips bitcoin bips improvement proposals github git open-source software standards

5lrjezmm 2015-08-25T12:52:09+00:00 https://github.com/ElementsProject/elements/pull/48 github sidechains bitcoin blockstream tree-signatures cryptography schnorr-signatures m-of-n tree-signature addtreesigaddress createtreesig p2sh public-key-tree merkleized-abstract-syntax-trees merkle-tree-verification merkle-trees merkle-path 1-of-n m-of-m multisignature threshold-trees threshold-tree OP_CAT concatenation pull-request sipa pieter-wuille

lj3ushd5 2015-08-28T13:46:47+00:00 https://github.com/sipa/bitcoin-net-simul sipa pieter-wuille bitcoin simulations simulation simulator network blockchain max-block-size block-size open-source software github

62wib4uy 2015-08-28T20:50:47+00:00 https://gist.github.com/btcdrak/1c3a323100a912b605b5 github gist btcdrak bitcoin proposal max-block-size block-size retargeting

d36d4wbm 2015-08-29T20:34:56+00:00 https://github.com/TierNolan/bips/blob/bip4x/bip-atom.mediawiki bitcoin bip atomic-cross-chain-transfers cross-chain tier-nolan tiernolan draft p2sh proposal

4lixhebj 2015-08-29T20:35:39+00:00 https://github.com/TierNolan/bips/blob/834f9f58c59a11e6e4ba7ac650dfe109ab09b9a9/bip-etx.mediawiki bitcoin bip extended-transactions extended-transaction tier-nolan tiernolan proposal github utxos transaction-serialization scaling scalability

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oqsqpuk4 2015-08-29T20:47:30+00:00 https://github.com/TheBlueMatt/RelayNode bitcoin relaynode bluematt relayer relaying bitcoinj bitcoinrelaynetwork github open-source software

ojpbg6o2 2015-08-29T20:53:57+00:00 https://gist.github.com/sipa/bf69659f43e763540550 bitcoin sipa bip version-bits soft-forks soft-fork petertodd proposal draft soft-forking

76qwcrct 2015-08-30T03:18:57+00:00 https://gist.github.com/gavinandresen/39158239e36f6af69d6f bitcoin github gist gavinandresen coblee bip11 bip12 bip13 multisig

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4snphmro 2014-09-26T00:54:39+00:00 http://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/questions/23893/what-are-the-limits-of-m-and-n-in-m-of-n-multisig-addresses stackoverflow bitcoin p2sh multisig m-of-n limitations limits addresses script scripts

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e42xnwgz 2014-11-15T23:05:23+00:00 http://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/questions/3343/what-is-the-longest-blockchain-fork-that-has-been-orphaned-to-date/4638#4638 stackexchange bitcoin blockchain orphans orphan-blocks blocks reorgs reorg orphaned-blocks

76x4uyfy 2014-11-29T00:14:49+00:00 http://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/questions/21907/what-does-the-curve-used-in-bitcoin-secp256k1-look-like stackexchange bitcoin secp256k1 curves cryptography curve public-key-cryptograpy elliptic-curves elliptic-curve-cryptography galois-field

2evw5uwl 2014-12-08T17:59:01+00:00 http://bitcoin.stackexchange.com/questions/1863/why-was-the-target-block-time-chosen-to-be-10-minutes bitcoin stackexchange stackoverflow blockheight target-block 10-minutes confirmations confirmation-time cryptocurrency

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adt4qsif 2014-10-23T22:51:15+00:00 http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/2k3u97/we_are_bitcoin_sidechain_paper_authors_adam_back/ reddit bitcoin iama ama nullc maaku adam3us adam-back mark-friedenbach gmaxwell pwuille sipa pieter-wuille blockstream interview sidechains paper

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i73nsvih 2014-10-24T05:06:02+00:00 http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/2jw5pm/im_gavin_andresen_chief_scientist_at_the_bitcoin/ reddit bitcoin ama gavin-andresen bitcoin-foundation interview gavinandresen

6sqqgy5b 2014-10-24T22:39:50+00:00 http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/2k7tsu/what_exactly_is_a_softfork/clixmzu reddit bitcoin soft-forks hard-forks forks blockchain definition definitions explanation transactions

x5pkynlb 2014-10-25T21:47:16+00:00 http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/2kahno/btcsim_simulating_the_rise_of_bitcoin/cljm79n reddit bitcoin benchmarks btcd bitcoind libsecp256k1 btcec gmaxwell btcsim davecgh openssl

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klzfmbmm 2015-01-03T04:16:55+00:00 http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/2r509k/bounty_of_one_bitcoin_for_the_most_accurate_fair/ reddit bitcoin bruce-fenton gaw scams scam paycoin paybase joseph-garza

ngwd5gus 2015-01-03T04:27:27+00:00 http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/2r4gck/gaw_miners_liars_frauds_a_brief_recap_of_what_we/cnciift reddit bitcoin gaw scam scams zenminer hashlets hashpoints paycoin paybase joseph-garza summary darrenturn90

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sfc66cck 2015-01-18T20:48:46+00:00 http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/2sumyv/impulseis_uses_transaction_channels_without/ reddit bitcoin bitpay impulse criticism payment-channels payment payments channels transactions giszmo

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dvs5w7od 2015-01-22T04:24:44+00:00 http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/2t6oks/gavineries_irc_discussion_of_the_block_size/cnwu9o7 reddit bitcoin blockchain blocks block-size block-sizes block-size-limit gmaxwell nullc autonomy

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p6v6mdsy 2015-06-21T00:31:57+00:00 http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/3aeow8/blockstream_has_a_very_serious_conflict_of/csd6hmr reddit bitcoin gmaxwell lightning lightning-networks payment-channels scalability scaling zero-confirmation zeroconf confirmations transactions

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koltfa5u 2015-06-13T15:50:58+00:00 http://techcrunch.com/2015/06/13/down-the-blockchain-rabbit-hole/ techcrunch news bitcoin blockchain blockstream sidechains lightning-network lightning confidential-transactions segregated-witness alpha-sidechain elements-project elements alpha payment-channels

kfim4tvs 2015-06-14T14:48:11+00:00 https://lightning.network/lightning-network-paper-DRAFT-0.5.pdf lightning-network lightning network bitcoin payment-channels payments cryptocurrency paper filetype-pdf whitepaper micropayments joseph-poon thaddeus-dryja off-blockchain

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