I've been a citizen scientist for most of my life, I've been here to describe a superb thing for life extension, using something as a life span extension system. HACCP was developed for NASA for food safety. It reduces the need for sampling and testing. HACCP adds value to food by consistly safe product. There are steps to practically deliver an integrated server. Here's my partner, and medical director, for leading edge medical integration. HAACP is not a quality or efficiency system. It's within six sigma . Open source access to knowledge facilitates lean and quality control. You assemble and develop your assembly and lifespan team. Your capacity to personalize your systrem is only as good as your depth and breadth of data that you have to work with. What you plan to do with your life determines how aggressively you apply your system. Now you relate your domain matrix with cell, tissue and whole body functions. You take time to reflect and see if you got it right. Then you define and address, mitigate and periodically review, and verify and evaluate that all procedures are appropriate and effective. Your plan must be doable. Do what you say, say what you do. I respectfully submit that cellular memory, and distributed biofilm be considered an additional CCP as the metagenome. How effectively can we manage sub-clinical and how can well can we manage idiosyncrynices? The punishments for doing the deeds? We have seen the enemy and they is us. The system we are defining are defining the moral hazards. The patient driven helathcare law that Melanie Swan describes is the carrot. The issue here is the consumers to accept the pervasive measurement of so on. Such as enforcement of social crimes that are not related to health. How much can you control the tech and resources that you are allowed or have to work with? When I graduated from my diploma course at HACCP, I told them that I would apply this system to human health someday. The issue here is the willingness of the FDA- and top of the food chain regulators - to turn them selves into a servant for citizens. Citizen Scientists managing their own self life plan, must be treated as creditors or investors, and they must have the final say. Your body is the most valuable piece of property you will ever onw, so you must be allowed to manage it appropriately. A separate cryptic identity database, there can be whole population database for optimization so that tyou can work with the statistics. How about 7 billion asynchronous biological entities managed by an AGI? Effective product has to be reworked or disposed of. Adding periods of work, recreation, to the 25/30/35, which makes rescore 10, is the new green and sustainable life system choice. Each audit control levels leads to improved process control. Regulators must be service providers, not enforcers. Writing the code into an upgradeable operating system, which downloadable apps, is the key to putting life to this science. I see this as inevitable, it's just a matter of time for who or where this will occur. The body has everyhting required to modify and expand your life-span, and into various -omics domains, and justified by system-wide audits. Vitamin D, the marshall protocol, this is a supplement and a drug. This describes it to a tee. As a result of profiling, we will drill down to the metabolic loops that need management. Enhancement will be ever-more user defined and driven. Our human cells are outnumbered by microbiome. DIY microbiome componentss are removable and so on. I trademark the lifespan clock to graphically depict how it stresses our life span. With the epigenomic error, this classic experiment, dramatically explains and demonstrates the power of genomics. Using simple components, like Vitamin D, phenolic acid, results in dramatic outcomes. What could have been a whole conference on this part alone, on Fukitol, if we don't get this part right we're totally screwed. Cryogenic statis, before death, who owns your body? You versus regulation. Sentient definitions of cell types. Immortality makes war obsolete. The biology of mind over matter. For us baby boomers, it's not science, but mortal hazards which might be the ultimate deliniator between demise and super-longevity. In today's economy, you are all worth more.. realigning the economic systems will take 20 years to ramp up to mass commercialization of universla accessible self-steady directed evolution. Longevity dividends. Acturial evaluations will drive the big value to drive the longevity dividend more valuable than the death benefit. This plan has to be bankable. HAACP is a robust system. I have taken it one more step, to allow global citizen scientists to make full use of information technologies to give life a new measure of richness. It will be more wonderous when we can stay alive for a length of time entirely of our own choosing. The HAACP creates a comprehensive set of records and data set. Open source access allows individuals to self-direct their own self-directed program in a six sigma and lean manner. Current systems do not empower you. With HAACP, you control everything. Become a citizen scientist, and experience the longevity dividend with me. I'd like to thank Alex and H+ for inviting me, and my sponsors, company and shareholders. On some of these slides, I have shamelessly promoted my product. Today is the official product role out. It has converted this problem into a solution, an innovated patent. Regulatory methods to harvest derivative functional products for human and veternareial use. As I prepared this presentation, I've used this e.. giant focus group.. how others react to the ideas that I wanted to elaborate on today. From our gally, my son greg and daughter leah, and my soon to be new son godman, I've named Y-7, because he's due in Y-7, live long and prosper.