Good morning, how are you? Hey, he's good. Two thumbs up. Who else is two thumbs up? Alright, excellent. Um. World cup news. USA wins 1 to 1. I find that amusing. Aubrey what do you think? Metro goes out to 500k people. 2010 H+ Summit Harvard Science Center. Transhumanism is the belief that humans can evolve through technology, the apparent dangers about the notion. Who believes that? The subjects to be discussed are ai, elimination of disease, ages, and mental problems. I'm in Santa Montica, I'm surrounded by people with mental problems. It is my good pleasure to re-introduce Kevin Jain. There are also the Harvard Student Volunteers, who I think have done great.

I am Kevin, this is Christian. I am the president, he's the vice president, of the Harvard College Future Society. Welcome to Harvard. Harvard's our home, we take classes in this hall, we're delighted to see this event. It matters so much to me, to Kevin, we're so happy that you could all come here to Harvard. Earlier this year, we started the Future Society, the group of students who conceptualized this vision of the club, and by extension this club. We have volunteers to the right, these are the guys who are making it happen behind the scenes. There are others that can't be here today. Thank you guys, and the club members who are back in their home states, who worked all semester to make this happen, but they're doing their own research, to make the future happen according to their own visions. The original purpose of the club was to critically evaluate these emerging technologies, and crucially consider where we are headed, and what we can do to help to make this a future we want it to be. Transhumanism, agi, longevity research, and all of these, critically assess and shape the vision of the future. We're more than happy to partner with Humanity+ to host these conferences, so that we can criticially integrate them. We'd like to see more student clubs rise up around the world in other universities. We have a facebook page. Get in touch with us to make stuff like this happen in other schools. Thank you for coming. David has something cool to show you guys. Thank you very much for coming.

(now David). Surprises and announcements, you've heard a few. I want to introduce you to David Polinsky, he's doing the world premiere in scientific visualization. Hi guys. I have a small animation called XVivo, we do scientific and medical animations, you might have done Inner Life of the Cell. I've been so pleased and privledged to work with Robert Liu, a director of molecular biology here at Harvard. They have been just amazing in allowing us to visiualize science in a cinematic ways. Howard Hughes for financing this. The new animation we're showing today is a world premiere, it's the next chapter in the Inner Life of the Cell series. It's a small segment on mitochondria. We'll be showing that today, thank you.

BioVisions at Harvard
Powering the cell - mitochondria
Alain Viel
Brett Murrah
Howard Hughes Medical Institute

I love that. Thank you so much. Great. Okay. I have in my hand, the book of all books. Ending Aging: the rejuvenation breakthroughs that could reverse aging in our lifetime. When we talk about transhumanism, the first thing that is always listed is life extension and longevity. One of the most beloved figures in this area is Aubrey de Grey, you can find his 60minutes presentation on youtube. You don't have to do that to see Aubrey, because he's flown in from England. We appreciate your consistent support. He's dedicated his time and money, he puts his own money into this. His engineering approach is spectacular. If you haven't heard him speak before, you're in for a real treat. Go to SENS4.