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128-pixel digitally programmable microfluidic platform for non-contact droplet actuation using Marangoni flows - Basu.pdf03-Mar-2009 13:33 1.9M 
2010-01-20/20-Jan-2010 20:49 -  
A ?do-it-yourself? array biosensor.pdf28-Feb-2009 14:38 378K 
A Brownian dynamics-finite element method for simulating DNA electrophoresis in nonhomogeneous electric fields - complicated geometries.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:28 1.3M 
A Dry Process for Production of Microfluidic Devices Based on the Lamination of Laser-Printed Polyester Films.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:20 288K 
A Gravity-Driven Microfluidic Particle Sorting Device with Hydrodynamic Separation Amplification.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:13 3.4M 
A Study of Mixing in Thermocapillary Flows on Micropatterned Surfaces.pdf03-Mar-2009 11:47 2.8M 
Accumulating particles at the boundaries of a laminar flow.pdf27-Feb-2009 16:45 413K 
Accurate multiplex gene synthesis from programmable DNA microchips.pdf23-Mar-2009 03:42 239K 
A combined microfluidic-dielectrophoretic microorganism concentrator.pdf17-Mar-2009 12:46 3.5M 
Acoustic manipulation of small droplets.pdf29-Sep-2010 05:21 616K 
Actuation at a distance of microelectromechanical systems using photoelectrowetting: proof-of-concept.pdf15-Jan-2012 17:02 3.5M 
A geometry controllable approach for the fabrication of biomimetic hierarchical structure and its superhydrophobicity with near-zero sliding angle - Kahp Y Suh - 2008.pdf06-Mar-2009 19:59 876K 
A high rate flow-focusing foam generator.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:17 377K 
AlgalBiophysics_TBPS_2003.pdf27-Feb-2009 16:12 4.4M 
A microfabricated thermal field-flow fractionation system.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:42 472K 
A microfluidic-enabled mechanical microcompressor for the immobilization of live single- and multi-cellular specimens.pdf18-Jan-2015 07:41 1.3M 
A microfluidic bioreactor for increased active retrovirus output.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:50 596K 
An optically induced cell lysis device using dielectrophoresis - single-cell.pdf17-Mar-2009 12:46 218K 
An optical toolbox for total control of droplet microfluidics with lasers.pdf01-Mar-2009 09:05 425K 
A novel electroporation method using a capillary and wire-type electrode.pdf16-Mar-2009 13:09 1.8M 
An ultrarapid method of creating 3D channels and microstructures.html27-Feb-2009 18:29 92K 
An ultrarapid method of creating 3D channels and microstructures_files/27-Feb-2009 18:55 -  
Applications of microfluidics for neuronal studies.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:18 585K 
Aquacore instruction set - a programmable architecture for microfluidics.pdf19-Jan-2010 14:55 164K 
A screw-actuated pneumatic valve for portable, disposable microfluidics.pdf12-Mar-2009 15:20 1.2M 
A simple pneumatic setup for driving microfluidics.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:21 253K 
A single-molecule enzymatic assay in a directly accessible femtoliter droplet array - 2010.pdf07-Mar-2011 22:20 368K 
A soft lithographic approach to fabricate patterned microfluidic channels.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:55 840K 
Assembly of metal nanoparticles into nanogaps - Barsotti - 2007.pdf17-Mar-2009 12:46 897K 
Asymmetric fluid-structure dynamics in nanoscale imprint lithography - AQ Nguyen - 2001.pdf17-Mar-2009 12:46 1.0M 
Automated design of digital microfluidic lab-on-chip under pin-count constraints - 2008.pdf19-Jan-2010 14:43 575K 
Automated design of digital microfluidics and lab-on-a-chip devices - Chakrabarty.pdf22-Jan-2010 17:44 2.8M 
Basic microfluidic and soft lithographic techniques - Whitesides.pdf19-Nov-2009 09:58 2.6M 
Bonding of glass-based microfluidic chips at low- or room-temperature in routine laboratory.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:00 502K 
Bonding of glass microfluidic chips at room temperatures.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:57 190K 
Bonding of soda-lime glass microchips at low temperature (65 celsius).pdf27-Feb-2009 18:01 283K 
Boosting migration of large particles by solute contrasts.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:44 503K 
Brownian dynamics simulations of a DNA molecule colliding with a small cylindrical post.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:29 908K 
Building a better cell trap - Applying Lagrangian modeling to the design of microfluidic devices for cell biology.pdf28-Mar-2009 07:18 440K 
CFD - CFD in microfluidic systems - MATLAB source code.pdf28-Feb-2009 14:18 2.8M 
CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics in Microfluidic Systems.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:21 2.8M 
CFD - Designing microfluidic components for enhanced surface delivery using a genetic algorithm search - automated design.pdf28-Feb-2009 14:33 2.9M 
CFD - Proprietary CFD software tools for microfluidic applications - a case study.pdf28-Feb-2009 13:50 1.4M 
CFD - Theory and numerical simulation of droplet dynamics in complex flows?a review .pdf28-Feb-2009 14:06 2.1M 
CFD - Toolbox for the design of optimized microfluidic components - without solving flow equations - supplementary.pdf28-Feb-2009 15:42 719K 
CFD - Toolbox for the design of optimized microfluidic components - without solving flow equations.pdf28-Feb-2009 14:30 622K 
CFD for Microfluidics - examples.pdf28-Feb-2009 13:04 1.7M 
Capacitive sensing of droplets for microfluidic devices based on thermocapillary actuation.pdf03-Mar-2009 11:48 627K 
Capillarics: pre-programmed, self-powered microfluidic circuits built from capillary elements.pdf28-Aug-2013 14:09 1.1M 
Capillary Force Lithography.pdf06-Mar-2009 19:31 210K 
Capillary condensation in atomic scale friction - how water acts like a glue - writing lines of ice - flowing tip - 2006.pdf12-Mar-2009 15:16 1.0M 
Capillary force lithography - large-area patterning, self-organization, and anisotropic dewetting - 2004 - Hong H Lee.pdf06-Mar-2009 19:36 389K 
Capture of DNA in microfluidic channel using magnetic beads - increasing capture efficiency with integrated mixer.pdf01-Mar-2009 12:33 318K 
Capture of particles of dust by convective flow - PhysFluids_17_063302.pdf27-Feb-2009 16:42 238K 
Cell Stimulus and Lysis in a Microfluidic Device with Segmented Gas−Liquid Flow.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:17 688K 
Cell addressing and trapping using novel optoelectronic tweezers.pdf23-Feb-2004 11:13 352K 
Cell infection within a microfluidic device using virus gradients.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:28 298K 
Cell lysis on a microfluidic CD (compact disc).pdf08-Mar-2009 03:12 611K 
Cell research with physically modified microfluidic channels - a review - KY Suh.pdf16-Mar-2009 13:07 410K 
Cell separation by non-inertial force fields in microfluidic systems .pdf27-Feb-2009 17:22 488K 
Characterization of microseparator-classifier with a simple arc microchannel.pdf04-Mar-2009 02:18 746K 
Citations - Lyubimov - Capture of particles of dust by convective flow.html27-Feb-2009 16:44 16K 
Citations - Lyubimov - Capture of particles of dust by convective flow_files/27-Feb-2009 18:55 -  
Conformational Preconditioning by Electrophoresis of DNA through a Finite Obstacle Array.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:29 1.9M 
Construction of refreshable microfluidic channels and electrophoresis along them.pdf28-Feb-2009 05:08 397K 
Contact Electrochemical Replication of Hydrophilic-Hydrophobic Monolayer Patterns - Sagiv - 2008.pdf19-Mar-2009 05:17 3.5M 
Continuous Low-Voltage dc Electroporation on a Microfluidic Chip with Polyelectrolytic Salt Bridges.pdf03-Mar-2009 16:21 420K 
Continuous Particle Separation Through Deterministic Lateral Displacement.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:04 381K 
Continuous cell partitioning using an aqueous two-phase flow system in microfluidic devices.pdf04-Mar-2009 09:12 1.0M 
Continuous flow separation of particles within an asymmetric microfluidic device.pdf04-Mar-2009 09:28 372K 
Continuous flow separations in microfluidic devices.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:08 918K 
Continuous particle separation in a microchannel having asymmetrically arranged multiple branches.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:05 507K 
Continuous particle separation in a microfluidic channel via standing surface acoustic waves (SSAW).pdf28-Jan-2014 10:16 1.7M 
Continuous particle separation in spiral microchannels using dean flows and differential migration.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:31 568K 
Controlled polymer dewetting by physical confinement - HH Lee - 2002 - wavelength of capillary wave must be smaller than the characteristic length of the physical confinement.pdf06-Mar-2009 19:40 571K 
Controlling drop size and polydispersity using chemically patterned surfaces - sort drops by size via parallel hydrophilic lines of varying width.pdf03-Mar-2009 12:21 259K 
Controlling two-dimensional movement of microparticles over an electrode array surface.pdf17-Mar-2009 12:46 329K 
Cooling of integrated circuits using droplet-based microfluidics.pdf03-Mar-2009 13:59 258K 
Coordinating multiple droplets in planar array digital microfluidic systems.pdf21-Jan-2009 08:03 408K 
Correlations of droplet formation in T-junction microfluidic devices: from squeezing to dripping.pdf28-Feb-2009 14:03 434K 
Critical particle size for fractionation by deterministic lateral displacement.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:08 423K 
Design and evaluation of a Dean vortex-based micromixer - separations.pdf28-Feb-2009 14:40 445K 
Design and numerical simulation of a DNA electrophoretic stretching device.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:29 1.0M 
Design automation challenges for microfluidics-based biochips.pdf19-Jan-2010 14:49 509K 
Design of pressure-driven microfluidic networks using electric circuit analogy.pdf08-Jun-2014 09:15 4.9M 
Dielectrophoretic traps for single-particle patterning - 2005.pdf17-Mar-2009 12:46 464K 
Digital microfluidics - droplet based logic gates - 2007.pdf11-Mar-2009 18:58 258K 
Direct confinement of individual viruses within polyethylene glycol (PEG) nanowells - Kahp Y. Suh - 2006.pdf06-Mar-2009 19:52 664K 
Direct handwriting manipulation of droplets by self-aligned mirror-EWOD across a dielectric sheet.pdf22-Apr-2009 15:09 496K 
Direct measurement of lateral capillary forces - 1993.pdf07-Mar-2009 11:01 2.6M 
Direct printing of polymer microstructures on flat and spherical surfaces using a letterpress technique (stamps).pdf06-Mar-2009 19:21 823K 
Discrete magnetic microfluidics on superhydrophobic surfaces using magnetic fields.pdf01-Mar-2009 09:03 116K 
Do-it-yourself microelectrophoresis chips with integrated sample recovery.pdf01-Jul-2009 20:14 407K 
Does Thermophoretic Mobility Depend on Particle Size?.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:41 231K 
Droplet manipulation on a hydrophobic textured surface with roughened patterns.pdf03-Mar-2009 11:49 3.4M 
Droplet microfluidics.pdf28-Feb-2009 13:58 1.3M 
Droplet traffic in microfluidic networks: A simple model for understanding and designing.pdf01-Mar-2009 11:06 164K 
Dropspots - a picoliter array in a microfluidic device - 2008.pdf19-Oct-2011 11:12 1.0M 
Dynamic patterning programmed by DNA tiles captured on a DNA origami substrate.pdf19-Feb-2009 12:55 668K 
Effective mixing of laminar flows at a density interface by an integrated ultrasonic transducer - on a PCB.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:10 803K 
Effect of contact angle hysteresis on thermocapillary droplet actuation.pdf01-Mar-2009 08:58 379K 
Effects of Separation length and voltage on Isoelectric focusing in a plastic microfluidic device_Journal_In Press2006.pdf27-Feb-2009 16:20 227K 
Effects of flow and diffusion on chemotaxis studies in a microfabricated gradient generator.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:38 614K 
Effects of rectangular microchannel aspect ratio on laminar friction constant.pdf12-Jun-2009 05:42 474K 
Electrochemical deposition of patterning and highly luminescent organic films for LEDs.pdf06-Mar-2009 18:53 506K 
Electrophoretic separations on microfluidic chips.pdf10-Jun-2014 17:17 1.2M 
Electrowetting-based actuation of liquid droplets for microfluidic applications.pdf22-Apr-2009 15:04 204K 
Electrowetting droplet microfluidics on a single planar surface.pdf22-Apr-2009 15:03 545K 
Engineering surface roughness to manipulate droplets in microfluidic systems - systematic variation of surface roughness to create microstructured guide rails for droplets propelled by vibration.pdf03-Mar-2009 12:46 360K 
Enhanced particle filtration in straight microchannels using shear-modulated inertial migration.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:34 426K 
Enhancing dielectrophoresis effect through novel electrode geometry - 2007.pdf17-Mar-2009 12:46 502K 
Exploration of microfluidic devices based on multi-filament threads and textiles: A review.pdf12-Jun-2014 23:06 1.6M 
Exploration of thermolithography for micro- and nanomanufacturing - 2006.pdf17-Mar-2009 12:46 251K 
FEATURE-microfluidics-250_tcm18-69613.jpg13-Jan-2010 12:31 31K 
FLASH: A rapid method for prototyping paper-based microfluidic devices.pdf28-Feb-2009 05:16 504K 
Fabrication inside microchannels using fluid flow.pdf28-Feb-2009 14:21 208K 
Fabrication of microsensors using unmodified office inkjet printers.pdf28-Feb-2009 05:05 1.2M 
Fabrication of nanopillars by nanosphere lithography.pdf16-Mar-2009 12:08 2.5M 
Fast and reliable way to establish fluidic connections to planar microchips - straws - glue - Snakenborg - 2007.pdf08-Mar-2009 06:35 354K 
Field gradient electrophoresis.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:42 411K 
Flat fluidics - acoustically driven planar microfluidic devices.pdf01-Mar-2009 12:29 723K 
Flows of concentrated suspensions through an asymmetric bifurcation.pdf27-Feb-2009 16:40 831K 
Fluidics Quaterly 6/27-Feb-2009 17:09 -  
Fluidic self-assembly of micromirrors onto microactuators using capillary forces.pdf23-Mar-2009 17:10 338K 
Fluidics quaterly 7/27-Feb-2009 17:09 -  
Fluid steering in a microfluidic chip by means of thermally responsive phospholipids.pdf12-Mar-2009 15:23 638K 
Formation of simple and compound drops in microfluidic devices.pdf28-Feb-2009 13:57 617K 
Fully integrated miniature device for automated gene expression DNA microarray processing.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:26 437K 
Gelatin based microfluidic devices for cell culture.pdf26-Jan-2010 16:41 389K 
Generating fixed concentration arrays in a microfluidic device.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:32 462K 
Generation of complex concentration profiles in microchannels in a logarithmically small number of steps.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:48 649K 
Generation of dynamic temporal and spatial concentration gradients using microfluidic devices.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:46 590K 
Generation of gradients having complex shapes using microfluidic networks.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:36 579K 
Generation of high-resolution surface temperature distributions.pdf03-Mar-2009 14:01 326K 
High Throughput Membrane-less Water Purification.pdf03-Mar-2009 16:40 1.4M 
High density nanostructure transfer in soft molding using polyurethane acrylate molds and polyelectrolyte multilayers - UV curing - HH Lee.pdf06-Mar-2009 19:38 393K 
High resolution DNA separations using microchip electrophoresis.pdf28-Feb-2009 06:45 3.1M 
Human neural stem cell growth and differentiation in a gradient-generating microfluidic device.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:38 540K 
Hydrodynamic filtration for on-chip particle concentration and classification utilizing microfluidics.pdf04-Mar-2009 09:25 582K 
Hydrodynamic metamaterials: Microfabricated arrays to steer, refract, and focus streams of biomaterials..pdf27-Feb-2009 17:04 1.3M 
Hydrophilic-hydrophobic patterned surfaces as templates for DNA arrays.pdf07-Mar-2009 19:29 153K 
Ice-lithographic fabrication of concave microwells and a microfluidic network - ice droplets for structure formation in PDMS.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:35 329K 
In-channel focusing of flowing microparticles utilizing hydrodynamic filtration.pdf04-Mar-2009 09:00 349K 
Inertial migration of neutrally buoyant particles in a square duct - an investigation of multiple equilibrium positions.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:37 140K 
Inertial migration of rigid spherical particles in Poiseuille flow.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:41 106K 
Inertial migration of spherical particles in circular Poiseuille flow at moderately high Reynolds numbers.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:39 1.3M 
Integration of microcolumns and microfluidic fractionators on multitasking centrifugal microfluidic platforms for the analysis of biomolecules.pdf14-Jul-2009 06:04 253K 
Integration of microcolumns and microfluidic fractionators on multitasking centrifugal microfluidic platforms for the analysis of biomolecules.pdf.txt14-Jul-2009 09:10 12K 
Integration of polymer and metal microstructures using liquid-phase photopolymerization.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:03 852K 
Interconnectable blocks - a method for providing reusable, rapid, multiple, aligned and planar microfluidic interconnections - Snakenborg - 2009.pdf08-Mar-2009 06:37 502K 
Lab on paper.pdf28-Feb-2009 05:22 317K 
Lecithin-Based Water-In-Oil Compartments as Dividing Bioreactors - in vitro protein synthesis.pdf01-Mar-2009 12:05 508K 
Light-actuated digital microfluidics for large-scale, parallel manipulation of arbitrarily sized droplets.pdf21-Feb-2012 20:49 656K 
Light-driven droplet manipulation technologies for lab-on-a-chip applications.pdf21-Nov-2011 02:56 1.5M 
Light-driven motion of liquids on a photoresponsive surface.pdf24-Oct-2006 23:37 202K 
Light-induced electrokinetics: A path to a versatile micro total analysis system (projector) - Justin K. Valley - thesis.pdf19-Jul-2015 17:49 7.6M 
Light-induced shape-memory polymers.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:21 290K 
Liquid trains in a tube.pdf26-Apr-2009 05:56 111K 
Listing of microfluidics and bioMEMS companies | 17:00 46K 
List of past discussions of MEMSalon.html04-May-2009 20:57 21K 
Low-cost, low-loss microlens arrays fabricated by soft-lithography replication process.pdf04-May-2009 13:03 169K 
Low-cost, rapid-prototyping of digital microfluidics devices.pdf22-Apr-2009 12:55 371K 
Low-cost rapid prototyping of flexible microfluidic devices using a desktop digital cutter.pdf24-Nov-2009 15:02 443K 
Low temperature, low pressure nanoimprinting of chitosan as a biomaterial for bionanotechnology applications.pdf27-Feb-2009 05:46 271K 
Lung assist device technology with physiologic blood flow developed on a tissue engineered scaffold platform.pdf15-Dec-2010 21:47 349K 
Macro-to-micro interfaces for microfluidic devices.pdf08-Mar-2009 06:31 628K 
Manipulation of a droplet in a planar channel by periodic thermocapillary actuation.pdf03-Mar-2009 11:50 908K 
Manipulation of ferrofluid droplets using planar coils.pdf01-Mar-2009 09:01 235K 
Marangoni forces created by surface plasmon decay of a gold metal sheet.pdf03-Mar-2009 11:54 247K 
Maskless photolithography using UV LEDs.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:23 113K 
Massively parallel manipulation of single cells and microparticles using optical images - DMD mirrors - Chiou, Ohta, Wu.pdf17-Mar-2009 12:46 328K 
Membrane-free microfiltration by asymmetric inertial migration - spirals - bifurcations.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:35 555K 
Membraneless microseparation by asymmetry in curvilinear laminar flows.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:30 1.5M 
Microbioreactors for bioprocess development.pdf01-Mar-2009 11:42 1.1M 
Microbubble or pendant drop control described by a general phase diagram.pdf01-Mar-2009 10:59 567K 
Microchannels Constructed on Rough Hydrophobic Surfaces.pdf28-Feb-2009 05:07 244K 
Microdroplets in microfluidics - an evolving platform for discoveries in chemistry and biology - 2010.pdf20-Dec-2010 06:56 2.3M 
Microfabricated bioprocessor for integrated nanoliter-scale Sanger DNA sequencing.pdf08-May-2009 09:04 2.0M 
Microfluidic PicoArray snthesis of oligodeoxynucleotides and simultaneous assembling of multiple DNA sequences - 2004.pdf09-Dec-2010 08:33 480K 
Microfluidic arrays for logarithmically perfused embryonic stem cell culture.pdf26-Jan-2010 19:22 860K 
Microfluidic arrays for logarithmically perfused embryonic stem cell culture.pdf.gif26-Jan-2010 19:23 32K 
Microfluidic assembly blocks.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:10 709K 
Microfluidic bubble logic - Gershenfeld.pdf01-Mar-2009 10:54 2.2M 
Microfluidic chip-based valveless flow injection analysis system with gravity-driven flows.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:02 228K 
Microfluidic devices for measuring gene network dynamics in single cells.pdf19-Jan-2010 14:42 661K 
Microfluidic electronics.pdf09-Jun-2014 21:46 736K 
Microfluidic logic gates and timers.pdf01-Mar-2009 10:57 377K 
Microfluidic manipulation via Marangoni forces.pdf01-Mar-2009 09:03 194K 
Microfluidic motherboard - has a good list of different types of interconnections from the literature.pdf08-Mar-2009 06:42 2.3M 
Microfluidic particle sorter employing flow splitting and recombining.pdf04-Mar-2009 09:03 479K 
Microfluidic protein detection through genetically engineered bacterial cells - Soh.pdf14-Jul-2009 06:04 363K 
Microfluidics-based extraction of viral RNA from infected mammalian cells for disposable molecular diagnostics.pdf14-Jul-2009 06:04 432K 
MicrofluidicsHistoryTheoryandApplications.zip03-Aug-2009 21:39 38M 
Microfluidics made of yarns and knots: from fundamental properties to simple networks and operations.pdf12-Jul-2011 09:41 484K 
Microfluidics of complex fluids.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:45 7.1M 
Microfluidic sorting in an optical lattice.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:42 252K 
Micromolding of Polymers in Capillaries - Saran wrap.pdf06-Mar-2009 19:17 754K 
Micromolding of solvent resistant microfluidic devices.pdf17-Jun-2014 13:29 164K 
Micropatterning of biomedical polymer surfaces by novel UV polymerization techniques.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:22 517K 
Microthermal Devices for Fluidic Actuation by Modulation of Surface Tension - Basu - awesome.pdf03-Mar-2009 13:05 15M 
Microvortex for focusing, guiding and sorting of particles.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:14 1.4M 
Millimeter-scale self-assembly and its applications - Whitesides - 2003.pdf07-Mar-2009 12:38 319K 
Miniature Boats with Striking Loading Capacity Fabricated from Superhydrophobic Copper Meshes.pdf13-Mar-2009 10:06 515K 
Mixing-induced activity in open flows.pdf27-Feb-2009 16:47 847K 
Modeling and controlling parallel tasks in droplet-based microfluidic systems.pdf03-Mar-2009 11:51 586K 
Modeling of menisci and capillary forces from the millimeter to the micrometer size range.pdf08-Mar-2009 03:06 284K 
Modeling shapes and dynamics of confined bubbles.pdf01-Mar-2009 08:57 500K 
Modular microfluidics for gradient generation.pdf03-Mar-2009 15:31 412K 
Multilamination of flows in planar networks of rotating microchannels.pdf08-Mar-2009 03:13 445K 
Nanoengineered structures for holding and manipulating liposomes and cells - 2009.pdf17-Mar-2009 12:46 160K 
Nanofabrication with molds and stamps.pdf06-Mar-2009 19:35 1.0M 
Nanomaterials and chip-based nanostructures for capillary electrophoretic separations of DNA.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:07 459K 
Non-contact Mesoscale Manipulation Using Laser Induced Convection Flows - 480 nm (infrared) laser.pdf03-Mar-2009 14:05 530K 
Nonlithographic fabrication of microfluidic devices.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:08 1.3M 
Nucleic acid microarrays created in the double-spiral format on a circular microfluidic disk.pdf08-Mar-2009 03:14 357K 
Numerical simulation of multiple species detection using hydrodynamic and electrokinetic focusing.pdf03-Mar-2009 15:22 792K 
Numerical study on development of particle concentration profiles in a curved microchannel.pdf05-Mar-2009 14:40 488K 
Oligonucleotide on-chip synthesis using PDMS stamp.pdf11-Jun-2011 17:18 400K 
On-chip cell lysis by local hydroxide generation.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:09 565K 
One-cell one-well - single cell microarrays - Liberski - 2011.pdf29-Apr-2011 05:39 2.6M 
On the role of oxygen in fabricating microfluidic channels with ultraviolet curable materials - Kahp Y. Suh - 2008.pdf06-Mar-2009 20:00 242K 
Optically addressable single-use microfluidic valves by laser printer lithography.pdf07-Feb-2011 08:50 2.5M 
PCR - A circular ferrofluid driven microchip for rapid polymerase chain reaction.pdf01-Mar-2009 09:16 382K 
PCR - An inexpensive and portable microchip-based platform for integrated RT-PCR and capillary electrophoresis.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:21 369K 
PCR - Disposable real-time microPCR device: lab-on-a-chip at a low cost.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:22 542K 
PCR - Droplet-based micro oscillating-flow PCR chip.pdf28-Feb-2009 14:11 896K 
PCR - Integrated Portable Polymerase Chain Reaction-Capillary Electrophoresis Microsystem for Rapid Forensic Short Tandem Repeat Typing.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:20 757K 
PCR - Micropumps, microvalves and micromixers within PCR microfluidic chips - 2007.pdf19-Jan-2010 14:41 2.8M 
PCR - Nanodroplet real-time PCR system with laser assisted heating.pdf01-Mar-2009 09:12 2.0M 
PCR - On-chip, real-time, single-copy polymerase chain reaction in picoliter droplets.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:17 340K 
PNAS-2008-Morton-7434-8.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:03 1.3M 
Particle Continuous Separation by Evaporation Force on Microfluidic System.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:43 357K 
Patterned Superhydrophobic Surfaces: Toward a Synthetic Mimic of the Namib Desert Beetle.pdf28-Feb-2009 05:11 352K 
Patterned paper as a platform for inexpensive, low-volume, portable bioassays - requires photoresist and chromatography paper and UV light - Whitesides - 2006.pdf08-Mar-2009 06:57 223K 
Pattern formation in acoustic cavitation.pdf27-Feb-2009 16:52 756K 
Patterning Design in Color at the Submicron Scale - Arun Chattopadhyay.pdf16-Mar-2009 11:52 828K 
Patterning of flow and mixing in rotating radial microchannels.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:24 470K 
Patterning polymer LEDs by micromolding in capillary at 1e-6 torr.pdf06-Mar-2009 18:52 426K 
Performing chemical reactions in virtual capillary of surface tension-confined microfluidic devices - sharpies - nail polish - glass surfaces - hydrophobicity.pdf28-Feb-2009 04:56 454K 
Photo-actuation of liquids for light-driven microfluidics: state of the art and perspectives - 2012.pdf21-Jul-2015 11:47 1.2M 
Photosensitive Polymer from Ionic Self-Assembly of Azobenzene Dye and Poly(ionic liquid) and Its Alignment Characteristic toward Liquid Crystal Molecules.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:10 490K 
Pinched Flow Fractionation - Continuous Size Separation of Particles Utilizing a Laminar Flow Profile in a Pinched Microchannel.pdf04-Mar-2009 08:59 257K 
Polymer embossing tools for rapid prototyping of plastic microfluidic devices.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:55 308K 
Polymer microstructures formed by moulding in capillaries.pdf06-Mar-2009 19:28 937K 
Pressure drops for droplet flows in microfluidic channels.pdf01-Mar-2009 09:00 384K 
Principles of microfluidic actuation by modulation of surface stresses.pdf01-Mar-2009 08:49 621K 
Protein fabrication automation.pdf01-Mar-2009 12:37 830K 
Rapid fabrication of microfluidic devices in poly(dimethylsiloxane) by photocopying.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:13 309K 
Rapid fabrication of pressure-driven open-channel microfluidic devices in omniphobic R-F paper - 2013 - Whitesides - supplemental.pdf24-Jul-2013 07:47 1.0M 
Rapid fabrication of pressure-driven open-channel microfluidic devices in omniphobic R-F paper - 2013 - Whitesides.pdf23-Jul-2013 11:46 1.1M 
Rapid method for design and fabrication of passive micromixers in microfluidic devices using a direct-printing process.pdf.gz27-Feb-2009 18:09 350K 
Rapid prototyping of microfluidic devices with a wax printer.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:06 289K 
Rapid prototyping of micropatterned substrates using conventional laser printers.PDF27-Feb-2009 17:10 312K 
Rapid prototyping of micropatterned substrates using conventional laser printers.html27-Feb-2009 18:17 16K 
Rapid prototyping of micropatterned substrates using conventional laser printers_files/27-Feb-2009 18:55 -  
Rapid prototyping of paper-based microfluidics with wax for low-cost, portable bioassay.pdf07-Apr-2009 09:11 152K 
Reagentless mechanical cell lysis by nanoscale barbs in microchannels for sample preparation - 2003.pdf08-Mar-2009 10:19 1.0M 
Recent advances in microflow photochemistry.pdf05-Sep-2011 00:55 736K 
Recent advances of microfluidics in Mainland China.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:12 208K 
Refreshable microfluidic channels constructed using an inkjet printer.pdf28-Feb-2009 05:02 930K 
Review - Fabrication approaches for generating complex micro- and nanopatterns on polymeric surfaces - 2008.pdf06-Mar-2009 19:44 3.0M 
Review - Micromixers.pdf19-Jan-2010 14:40 276K 
Review - Microvalves.pdf19-Jan-2010 14:40 1.6M 
Room Temperature Microchannel Fabrication for Microfluidic System - see evaporation force paper.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:49 729K 
SU-8/13-Mar-2012 18:39 -  
Screen printing of solder resist as master substrates for fabrication of multi-level microfluidic channels and flask-shaped microstructures for cell-based applications.pdf23-Jul-2013 03:01 1.1M 
Sealed three-dimensional nanochannels.pdf17-Mar-2009 12:46 519K 
Self-assembly of gears at a fluid-air interface.pdf12-Mar-2009 15:06 415K 
Self-propelled film-boiling liquids when placed in contact with asymmetric topologies.pdf03-Mar-2009 12:53 885K 
Separation enhancement in pinched flow fractionation.pdf27-Feb-2009 17:41 432K 
Separation of lipids from blood utilizing ultrasonic standing waves in microfluidic channels.pdf09-Feb-2012 01:43 411K 
Separation of suspended particles by asymmetric arrays of obstacles in microfluidic devices.pdf27-Feb-2009 16:55 213K 
Shrinky-Dink microfluidics - 3D polystyrene chips.pdf07-Oct-2008 13:04 178K 
Shrinky-Dink microfluidics: 3D polystyrene chips.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:33 178K 
Shrinky-Dink microfluidics: rapid generation of deep and rounded patterns.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:10 257K 
Simple, robust storage of drops and fluids in a microfluidic device.pdf01-Mar-2009 11:01 1.3M 
Simple and low-cost fabrication of PDMS microfluidic round channels by surface-wetting parameters optimization.pdf20-Jan-2012 08:03 629K 
Simulation of Blood Flow through a Microvessel Branching.html27-Feb-2009 17:25 10K 
Simulation of Blood Flow through a Microvessel Branching_files/27-Feb-2009 18:55 -  
Simultaneous cell lysis and bead trapping in a continuous flow microfluidic device.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:39 861K 
Simultaneous sample washing and concentration using a trapping-and-releasing mechanism of magnetic beads on a microfluidic chip.pdf31-Jan-2012 12:37 407K 
Single-sided continuous optoelectrowetting (SCOEW) for droplet manipulation with light patterns - LCD - 2010.pdf17-Jun-2010 15:59 504K 
Single-step affinity purification of toxic and non-toxic proteins on a fluidics platform.pdf14-Jul-2009 06:04 401K 
Size-dependent free solution DNA electrophoresis in structured microfluidic systems.pdf10-Jun-2014 17:10 345K 
Size-selective separation of micro beads by utilizing secondary flow in a curved rectangular microchannel.pdf.gz05-Mar-2009 05:00 733K 
Spatial distribution of laminar flow-assisted dendritic amplification.pdf08-Mar-2009 03:15 198K 
Spinodal instability and pattern formation in thin liquid films confined between two plates - 2006.pdf12-Mar-2009 14:34 1.8M 
Spiral microchannels on a CD for DNA hybridizations.pdf19-Mar-2009 11:26 1.1M 
Spiral microfluidic nanoparticle separators.pdf05-Mar-2009 05:24 1.2M 
Stacking of beads into monolayers by flow through flat microfluidic chambers.pdf28-Feb-2009 13:52 378K 
Step-and-scan maskless lithography for ultra large scale DNA chips.pdf28-Feb-2009 06:47 256K 
Stretchable microfluidic radiofrequency antennas.pdf23-Jul-2010 07:50 400K 
Stretched Polymer Nanohairs by Nanodrawing - Kahp Y. Suh - 2006.pdf06-Mar-2009 19:53 671K 
Stretching DNA with a receding meniscus: experiments and models.pdf08-Mar-2009 01:46 201K 
Sub-10 nm fabrication of large area periodic nanopillars.PDF16-Mar-2009 12:07 552K 
Surface-Tension-Confined Microfluidics.pdf28-Feb-2009 05:10 173K 
Surface-Tension-Driven Phenomena - 1969.pdf12-Mar-2009 13:36 1.4M 
Surface-directed capillary system - theory, experiments and applications - 2005.pdf12-Mar-2009 14:52 605K 
Surface Effects on PCR Reactions in Multichip Microfluidic Platforms .pdf27-Feb-2009 18:26 144K 
Surface tension-powered self-assembly of microstructures - the state-of-the-art - 2003.pdf07-Mar-2009 12:38 4.1M 
Synthesis - Gene synthesis on microchips - review.pdf01-Mar-2009 12:48 314K 
Synthesis - Impact of microdrops on solid surfaces for DNA synthesis.pdf01-Mar-2009 12:23 318K 
Synthesis - Integrated two-step gene synthesis in a microfluidic device (1k bp, 1 error per 250 bp).pdf01-Mar-2009 12:52 1.3M 
Synthesis - Microfluidic PicoArray synthesis of oligodeoxynucleotides and simultaneous assembling of multiple DNA sequences (10 kb).pdf01-Mar-2009 12:35 480K 
Synthesis - Parallel gene synthesis in a microfluidic device (1 kb, but parallelizable) - CBA.pdf01-Mar-2009 12:43 351K 
Synthesis of gold nanoparticles using microfluidic reaction systems.pdf11-May-2009 12:16 217K 
T-shirt microfluidics.html24-Jul-2009 07:53 28K 
T-shirt microfluidics_files/15-Jul-2009 19:27 -  
The design and fabrication of autonomous polymer-based surface tension-confied microfluidic platforms - Swickrath.pdf09-Jun-2010 16:07 3.0M 
The design and fabrication of autonomous polymer-based surface tension-confined microfluidic platforms - Swickrath - thesis - awesome.pdf08-Mar-2009 06:50 3.0M 
The design and fabrication of autonomous polymer-based surface tension-confined microfluidic platforms.pdf28-Feb-2009 04:58 581K 
The impact of diffusion on confined oscillated bubbly fluid.pdf27-Feb-2009 16:50 335K 
The origins and the future of microfluidics - Whitesides - 2006.pdf01-Mar-2009 10:44 592K 
The past, present and potential for microfluidic reactor technology in chemical synthesis.pdf20-Nov-2013 23:24 1.4M 
The pressure drop along rectangular microchannels containing bubbles.pdf26-Oct-2007 09:29 694K 
Thermocapillary actuation of droplets on chemically patterned surfaces by programmable microheater arrays.pdf03-Mar-2009 11:44 770K 
Thermocapillary manipulation of droplets using holographic beam shaping: Microfluidic pin ball .pdf01-Mar-2009 09:14 249K 
Thermocapillary manipulation of droplets using holographic beam shaping: Microfluidic pin ball.pdf01-Mar-2009 13:31 249K 
Thermocapillary valve for droplet production and sorting.pdf03-Mar-2009 14:02 273K 
Thermophoresis: moving particles with thermal gradients.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:40 125K 
Thermoplastic microfluidic device for on-chip purification of nucleic acids for disposable diagnostics.pdf13-Jul-2009 18:41 457K 
Three-dimensional microfluidic devices fabricated in layered paper and tape.pdf28-Feb-2009 06:43 192K 
Three dimensional MEMS microfluidic perfusion system for thick brain slice cultures.pdf03-Jan-2007 10:18 575K 
Toner_and_paper-based_fabrication_techniques_for_microfluidic_applications.pdf08-Jun-2014 08:30 389K 
Towards high throughput production of artificial egg oocytes using microfluidics.pdf18-Jan-2015 07:37 191K 
Transistors formed from a single lithography step using information encoded in topography - Whitesides.pdf30-Sep-2010 08:36 611K 
Trapping and storage of particles in electroactive microwells - 2007.pdf17-Mar-2009 12:46 275K 
Trends - Droplets as Microreactors for High-Throughput Biology.pdf01-Mar-2009 11:59 857K 
Trends - Submicrometer-scale patterning of ceramic thin films - 2004.pdf06-Mar-2009 19:22 514K 
Trends - miniautirising the laboratory in emulsion droplets.pdf01-Mar-2009 11:57 556K 
Triplex-pumping CD-like microfluidic platform with parabolic microchannels.pdf19-Mar-2009 11:37 483K 
Ultrahigh-throughput screening in drop-based microfluidics for directed evolution - 2010.pdf09-Mar-2010 05:21 339K 
Ultra rapid prototyping of microfluidic systems using liquid phase photopolymerization (5 min).pdf27-Feb-2009 18:28 1.2M 
Ultrasfast laser nanosurgery in microfluidics for genome-wide screenings.pdf18-Apr-2009 09:54 377K 
Ultrathin liquid films under alternating intermolecular potential fields and capillary force - Kahp Y. Suh (2002).pdf06-Mar-2009 19:55 740K 
Unconventional nanofabrication - Whitesides - 2004.pdf06-Mar-2009 19:34 1.7M 
Use of polystyrene spin-coated compact discs for microimmunoassaying.pdf27-Feb-2009 05:46 1.4M 
Using lateral capillary forces to compute by self-assembly.pdf08-Mar-2009 03:05 909K 
Valves for autonomous capillary systems - droplets - delay valves - abruptly changing geometries.pdf01-Mar-2009 11:03 634K 
Versatile stepper based maskless microlithography using a liquid crystal display for direct write of binary and multilevel microstructures.pdf28-Feb-2009 06:48 764K 
Virtual microfluidic traps, filters, channels and pumps using Marangoni flows.pdf03-Mar-2009 13:00 1.9M 
Whole Blood Pumped by Laser Driven Micropump.pdf08-Apr-2009 12:19 277K 
Xurography: rapid prototyping of microstructures using a cutting plotter - vinyl cutters.pdf27-Feb-2009 18:32 2.3M 
Zone-Plate-Array Lithography (ZPAL): Optical maskless lithography for cost-effective patterning - 2005.pdf12-Mar-2009 14:41 442K 
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