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Accurate multiplex gene synthesis from programmable DNA microchips.pdf23-Mar-2009 03:42 239K 
Advancing high-throughput gene synthesis technology - 2009.pdf21-Apr-2009 13:34 357K 
A flexible light-directed DNA chip synthesis gated by deprotection using solution photogenerated acids.pdf18-Apr-2013 05:37 601K 
A highly convenient procedure for oligodeoxynucleotide purification.pdf27-Oct-2014 23:11 399K 
A microfluidic oligonucleotide synthesizer - 2009 - supplementary.doc21-Feb-2010 22:28 359K 
A microfluidic oligonucleotide synthesizer - 2009.pdf16-Jul-2011 10:24 2.9M 
A rapid and simple method for DNA engineering using cycled ligation assembly.pdf16-Sep-2014 10:42 4.9M 
A scalable method for multiplex LED-controlled synthesis of DNA in capillaries.pdf15-Dec-2010 10:02 1.4M 
A short history of oligonucleotide synthesis - 2006.pdf15-Dec-2010 10:52 340K 
A simple method for extracting DNA from old skeletal material.pdf22-Aug-2009 07:38 1.4M 
Atomic-scale imaging of DNA using scanning tunnelling microscopy - 1990.pdf09-Dec-2010 16:26 542K 
A transition to a compact form of DNA in polymer solutions - Lerman - 1971.pdf17-Aug-2007 16:32 914K 
Authenticating DNA extracted from ancient skeletal remains.pdf22-Aug-2009 07:44 127K 
Automated forward and reverse ratcheting of DNA in a nanopore - Cherf - 2012 - supplement.pdf10-Jul-2012 13:08 788K 
Automated forward and reverse ratcheting of DNA in a nanopore - Cherf - 2012.pdf10-Jul-2012 13:07 740K 
Chemical_Synthesis_of_Oligonucleotides.pdf08-Mar-2009 11:34 656K 
Circular Polymerase Extension cloning of complex gene libraries and pathways - 2009.pdf16-Jul-2011 10:30 250K 
Controlling oligonucleotide surface density in light-directed DNA array fabrication.pdf13-Apr-2009 02:01 511K 
DNA analogues: from supramolecular principles to biological properties.pdf03-Jun-2014 11:43 310K 
DNA brick crystals with prescribed depths - supplementary info.pdf24-Oct-2014 06:48 29M 
DNA dissolves single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs) in water.pdf18-Apr-2009 14:04 1.3M 
DNA extraction from stem cells.pdf11-Jun-2011 16:24 205K 
Duplex structure of a minimal nucleic acid.pdf07-Jan-2010 03:10 875K 
Effects of base mismatches on joining of short oligodeoxynucleotides by DNA ligases.pdf07-Mar-2012 23:00 124K 
Effects of stray light on the fidelity of photodirected oligonucleotide array synthesis.pdf08-Mar-2009 00:12 222K 
Efficiency, error and yield in light-directed maskless synthesis of DNA microarrays.pdf02-Jun-2014 18:25 3.3M 
Electrochemically directed synthesis of oligonucleotides for DNA microarray fabrication.pdf12-Apr-2009 20:28 831K 
Electrochemically generated acid and its containment to 100 micron reaction areas for the production of DNA microarrays.pdf13-Jul-2015 14:29 335K 
Electronic control of DNA polymerase binding and unbinding to single DNA molecules.pdf03-Jun-2014 12:02 1.4M 
Enzymatic protecting group techniques.pdf25-Dec-2014 18:01 518K 
Enzymatic synthesis of DNA on glycerol nucleic acid templates without stable duplex formation between product and template - Szostak.pdf11-Jun-2011 16:35 577K 
Error analysis of chemically synthesized polynucleotides.html08-Mar-2009 11:33 13K 
Error analysis of chemically synthesized polynucleotides.pdf08-Mar-2009 13:01 85K 
Error correction in gene synthesis technology.pdf23-Apr-2015 03:32 956K 
Error correction of microchip synthesized genes using Surveyor nuclease.pdf23-Apr-2014 20:39 2.5M 
Extracting DNA from old and burned bone.pdf11-Jun-2011 16:38 552K 
Fast copper-free click DNA ligation by the ring-strain promoted alkyne-azide cycloaddition reaction - 2011.pdf13-Mar-2012 04:24 1.3M 
Folding and cutting DNA into reconfigurable topological nanostructures.pdf23-May-2013 21:12 7.6M 
Frontiers and approaches to chemical synthesis of oligodeoxyribonucleotides - 2013.pdf02-Jun-2014 17:24 218K 
GNA/04-Feb-2012 11:14 -  
Gene assembly from chip-synthesized oligonucleotides.pdf21-Oct-2013 01:47 241K 
Gene synthesis by assembly of short oligonucleotides - Horspool thesis - 2009.pdf24-Jun-2011 12:04 2.3M 
Gene synthesis demystified - Czar - J. Christopher Anderson - 2009.pdf02-Feb-2009 13:50 785K 
Gene synthesis machines - DNA chemistry and its uses - 1985.pdf20-Jan-2010 15:12 1.2M 
Genome engineering - Carr - Church - 2009.pdf15-Dec-2010 11:20 1.2M 
Hierarchical gene synthesis using DNA microchip oligonucleotides - 2011.pdf24-Jun-2011 12:05 627K 
High-fidelity gene synthesis by retrieval of sequence-verified DNA identified using high-throughput pyrosequencing - 2010.pdf24-Jun-2011 12:03 583K 
High-fidelity gene synthesis by retrieval of sequence-verified DNA identified using high-throughput pyrosequencing - Matzas - Church - 2010.pdf22-Apr-2011 05:12 583K 
High-fidelity gene synthesis by retrieval of sequence-verified DNA identified using high-throughput pyrosequencing - supplementary.pdf13-Dec-2010 08:21 3.2M 
High-quality gene assembly directly from unpurified mixtures of microarray-synthesized oligonucleotides - 2010.pdf03-Nov-2014 07:24 620K 
High-throughput gene synthesis - IEEE student paper - 2005.pdf16-Oct-2006 14:40 201K 
Improved phosphoramidite building blocks for the synthesis of the simplified nucleic acid GNA.pdf03-Aug-2009 03:47 171K 
Improvements in the phosphoramidite procedure for the synthesis of oligodeoxyribonucleotides.pdf15-Dec-2010 10:23 760K 
IngentaConnect Nucleotide synthesis via methods without nucleoside-base protecti....html08-Mar-2009 00:41 37K 
In situ DNA synthesis on glass substrate for microarray fabrication using self-focusing acoustic transducer.pdf11-Jun-2011 16:52 1.4M 
In situ synthesis of DNA microarray on functionalized cyclic olefin copolymer substrate.pdf31-Aug-2013 00:45 3.6M 
Instability and decay of the primary structure of DNA.pdf14-May-2012 10:23 887K 
Internalizing DNA.pdf11-Jun-2011 16:53 148K 
Internalizing_DNA.pdf.B_subtilis_competence_proteins.gif11-Jun-2011 16:53 18K 
Investigation of the 'n-1' impurity in phosphorothioate oligodeoxynucleotides synthesized by the solid-phase beta-cyanoethyl phosphoramidite method using stepwise sulfurization.pdf30-Jul-2009 07:30 1.5M 
Isolation of single DNA molecule in a picoliter-sized droplet formed by liquid dielectrophoresis.pdf21-Aug-2008 04:44 354K 
John Lund - Identification of Oligonucleotides - Direct Electronic Identification of Oligonucleotides with Inelastic Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy.ppt11-Jun-2011 16:55 8.7M 
Large-scale de novo DNA synthesis: technologies and applications - Church - 2014.pdf11-Jun-2014 05:36 645K 
Large scale, liquid phase synthesis of oligonucleotides by the phosphoramidite approach - 1993.pdf15-Dec-2010 10:50 787K 
Light-directed synthesis of high-density oligonucleotide arrays using semiconductor photoresists - 1996.pdf08-Apr-2003 04:51 518K 
Manual manufacturing of oligonucleotide, DNA, and protein microchips.pdf01-Sep-2009 09:01 341K 
Mechanical separation of the complementary strands of DNA.pdf18-Apr-2009 14:04 272K 
NAA-modified DNA oligonucleotides with zwitterionic backbones: stereoselective synthesis of A–T phosphoramidite building blocks.pdf15-Jul-2015 16:51 542K 
Nobel lecture - Solid phase synthesis - 1984 - Merrifield.pdf15-Dec-2010 10:30 617K 
Novel algorithms for in vitro gene synthesis.pdf01-Mar-2009 16:56 1.0M 
Novel methods for synthesis of high quality oligonucleotides - A Semenyuk - 2006.pdf15-Dec-2010 10:51 488K 
Oligo- and poly-nucleotides - 50 years of chemical synthesis - 2005.pdf15-Dec-2010 10:26 587K 
Oligonucleotide on-chip synthesis using PDMS stamp.pdf12-Apr-2009 20:27 400K 
Origin of impurities in oligonucleotides.pdf08-Mar-2009 11:48 488K 
POSaM: a fast, flexible, open-source, inkjet oligonucleotide synthesizer and microarrayer.pdf06-May-2010 09:02 2.0M 
Parallel on-chip gene synthesis and application to optimization of protein expression - supplementary.pdf16-Jul-2011 10:28 698K 
Parallel on-chip gene synthesis and application to optimization of protein expression.pdf31-May-2011 12:33 665K 
Photoelectrochemical synthesis of DNA microarrays.pdf04-Jun-2014 13:18 1.2M 
Photoelectromechanical synthesis of low-cost DNA microarrays - thesis - 2008.pdf15-Dec-2010 13:01 42M 
Photoremovable protecting groups in chemistry and biology - reaction mechanisms and efficiency.pdf25-Jan-2013 13:35 3.9M 
Physical approaches to DNA sequencing and detection - 2007.pdf08-Mar-2009 07:08 705K 
Progress in sequencing DNA with an AFM.pdf11-Jun-2011 17:23 732K 
Real-time DNA sequencing from single polymerase molecules.pdf18-Jun-2010 09:48 963K 
Recursive construction of perfect DNA molecules from imperfect oligonucleotides - Linshiz - 2008.pdf15-Dec-2010 16:40 362K 
Regioselective acylation of nucleosides catalyzed by Candida antarctica lipase B: enzyme substrate recognition.pdf17-Nov-2008 16:59 103K 
Replacing nucleobases in DNA with designer molecules - 2002.pdf29-May-2009 04:23 423K 
Replication by a single DNA polymerase of a stretched single-stranded DNA.pdf08-Mar-2009 07:06 499K 
Review - Conjugates of oligonucleotides and modified oligonucleotides - a review of their synthesis and properties - John Goodchild - 1990.pdf08-Mar-2009 00:08 3.1M 
Review - Gene synthesis demystified - 2008.pdf23-Mar-2009 03:47 785K 
STM control of chemical reactions: Single-molecule synthesis.pdf22-Mar-2015 10:59 1.3M 
Sequence-dependent mechanics of single DNA molecules.pdf08-Mar-2009 07:04 136K 
Sequence-specific detection of individual DNA strands using engineered nanopores - Howorka - 2001.pdf08-Mar-2009 07:06 830K 
Shotgun DNA synthesis for the high-throughput construction of large DNA molecules.pdf13-Jul-2015 11:07 4.0M 
Single-molecule, motion-based DNA sequencing using RNA polymerase - 2006.pdf15-Dec-2010 18:42 96K 
Single-step assembly of a gene and entire plasmid from large numbers of oligodeoxyribonucleotides.pdf23-Mar-2009 03:24 420K 
Solid-phase oligodeoxynucleotide synthesis - a two-step cycle using peroxy anion deprotection.pdf15-Dec-2010 12:41 358K 
Solid-phase synthesis of base-sensitive oligonucleotides.pdf15-Dec-2010 13:54 389K 
Solid phase click ligation for the synthesis of very long oligonucleotides.pdf02-Jun-2014 17:35 1.3M 
Spontaneous Insertion of DNA Oligonucleotides into Carbon Nanotubes.pdf31-Mar-2009 14:04 401K 
Synthesis of DNA RNA and their analogs via phosphoramidite and h-phosphonate chemistries - Caruthers - 2013.pdf18-Nov-2013 03:28 680K 
Synthesis of glycol nucleic acids - atom economical solution for a functional nucleic acid backbone - 2006.pdf29-May-2009 04:29 268K 
Synthesis of high-quality libraries of long (150mer) oligonucleotides by a novel depurination controlled process - Agilent - Caruthers - 2010.pdf02-Jun-2014 18:16 1.2M 
Synthesis of novel phosphoramidite building blocks from pentaerythritol.pdf29-May-2009 03:52 49K 
Synthesis of oligonucleotides on cellulose by a phosphotriester method.pdf08-Mar-2009 00:44 1.4M 
Synthesis of oligonucleotides via monomers with unprotected bases.pdf08-Mar-2009 00:41 294K 
Synthesis of photolabile 5'-O-phosphoramidites for the photolithographic production of microarrays of inversely oriented oligonucleotides.pdf05-Jan-2011 11:41 157K 
Syringe method for stepwise chemical synthesis of oligonucleotides.pdf08-Mar-2009 00:46 820K 
TNA synthesis by DNA polymerase - Szostak - 2003.pdf10-Nov-2003 12:30 54K 
The Efficiency of Light-Directed Synthesis of DNA Arrays on Glass Substrates.pdf14-Apr-2009 04:31 436K 
The mechanism of the phosphoramidite synthesis of polynucleotides.pdf08-Mar-2009 00:37 148K 
Total synthesis of long DNA sequences - synthesis of a contiguous 32-kb polyketide synthase gene cluster - PNAS-2004-Kodumal-15573-8.pdf07-Mar-2009 18:02 376K 
Toward an Ideal Synthesis of Oligonucleotides - Development of a Novel Phosphoramidite Method with High Capability.pdf08-Mar-2009 00:35 1.0M 
Tsukamoto: Strategies Useful for the Chemical Synthesis of Oligonucleotides and Related Compounds - Google Scholar.html08-Mar-2009 00:38 8.5K 
Wang_Trau_Oligo synthesis and detection_BB_26_2011.pdf22-Feb-2011 00:06 696K 
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dna_printer_EWOD_oligo_resuspension_linear.png19-Jul-2015 08:40 114K 
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oligonucleotide-synthesis-by-phosphoramidite-method-cycle-diagram.png15-Jul-2015 16:09 134K 
oligonucleotide-synthesis-using-h-phosphonate-method.jpg04-Jun-2014 01:35 172K 
oligonucleotide-synthesis-using-phosphoramidite-method.png04-Oct-2013 06:00 10K 
patent - 2003 - Precursors for two-step polynucleotide synthesis - Dellinger.pdf15-Dec-2010 13:34 179K 
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