George M. Church's Tech Transfer, Advisory Roles, and Funding Sources
The first date on each line indicates the year(s) of company founding. (In parens are the dates and focus of my involvement.) Founder & active advisor = F.

Genome Sequencing: (see also Next-gen overview)
Azco Biotech Salem, NH 2003 (2009-present; sequencing system)
Danaher-Dover-Polonator Salem, NH 2007 (2007-present; sequencing instrument)
Complete Genomics Sunnyvale CA 2006 (2006-present; Sequencing by Ligase service)
IntelligentBioSystems (IBS) Waltham MA 2006 (2006-present; Sequencing by Polymerase on beads)
Halcyon Molecular Redwood City CA 2009 (2009-present; Mbp read-length EM sequencing)
Pacific Biosciences Menlo Park CA 2004 (2008-present; real-time single-molecule sequencing)
Helicos Biosciences Corp   Cambridge MA 2004 (2003-present; Single-molecule DNA sequencing)
Lynx - Solexa - Illumina   Hayward CA 1992; San Diego 1998 (2000-present; multiplex tags)
LightSpeed Genomics Sunnyvale CA 2007 (2007-present; high-speed DNA sequencing)
Noblegen Biosciences Boston MA 2010 (2010-present; optipore sequencing)
Genia Mountain View, CA (2011-present) nanopores
Ion Torrent Guilford, CT 2008 (2009-present; electronic sequencing)
IBM Yorktown Heights, NY 1911 (2009-present) DNA Sequencing.
NABsys Providence, RI 2005 (2010-present) SbH with nanopores.
Genapsys 2010 (2010-present) label-free nanosensor array sequencing.

Clinical and Consumer Genomic Diagnostics:
Alacris Pharmaceuticals Berlin 2008 (2008-present,F; Cancer genomics & systems biology)
Androcyte Florida 2011 (2011-present; Supercentenarians)
Good Start Genetics Cambridge 2009 (2009-present,F; Molecular Diagnostics)
Genomera San Francisco 2010 (2010-present; Crowd-sourced Health Insight)
Telome Boston MA 2010 (2010-present; Telomeres and aging)
23andme Mountain View CA 2006 (2006-present; personal genomics)
DNAdirect  MEDCO San Francisco CA 2004 (2006-2010; DNA diagnostics)
Knome, Inc. Cambridge MA 2007 (2007-present,F; Human Genome Sequencing)
Pathogenica Cambridge MA 2010 (2010-present,F; Pathogencity and Drug resistance diagnostics)
AbVitro 2010 (2010-present,F; Immunomes).

Synthetic Biology, Biofuels, Stem Cells & Pharma:
Celemics Korea 2011 (2011-present; Genome engineering.)
Genome Compiler Corp San Francisco CA 2011 (2011-present; Genome CAD)
Joule Unlimited Cambridge MA 2007 (2007-present,F; SolarFuels)
Warp Drive Biosynthetics Boston MA 2011 (2011-present,F; Natural product synthesis)
Gen9 Cambridge MA 2009 (2009-present,F; Synthetic Biology)
EnEvolv Cambridge MA 2011 (2011-present,F; genome engineering)
Essentient (Pronutria) 2011 (2011-present,F; nutritional synbio)
LS9   San Francisco CA 2005 (2006-present,F; Biologically engineered fuels)
Cellular Dynamics International (CDI) Madison WI 2006 (2009-present; iPS stem cells)
Enzymatics Beverly MA 2006 (2006-present; Large-scale, high quality enzymes)
Qteros (formerly SunEthanol) Amherst MA 2007 (2007-present; Biofuels)
Genomatica   San Diego CA 2001 (2001-present; microbial metabolic models)
PharmoRx   Wellesley MA 2005 (2005-present; secure medication)
Sigma-Aldrich St. Louis 1934 (2009-present; chemistry, cells, Board of Directors)
NEB Beverly MA 1975 (2009-present; protein synthesis)

Publishing and non-profit groups:
pgEd Boston 2006 (2013-present; personal genetics education)
Station for Natural Studies CT,MA 1989 (1989-present,F; genetics & education) Boston 2004 (2004-present,F; open-access genome & trait data) Boston 2009 (2009-present,F; DIYbio) Playa Vista CA 1996 (2005-present; sequencing & energy)
Epstein Science Community and Epstein Foundations 1991 (2005-present; creative science community)
Edge Foundation 1988 (2005-present; science communication)
Scientific American 1845 (2008-present; editorial advisor)
Nature Publishing Group (NPG) 1869 (2005-present; senior editor, MSB)

Financial and Legal Consulting:
evalueSCIENCE 2011 (2011-present; Science and policy advising)
Guidepoint Global (2009-present; Genomics technologies)
Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG) (2007-present; Genomics technologies)
DeMatteo Monness LLC 1997 (2011-present; DNA Sequencing)
ACLU (2009; DNA diagnostics)
Supreme Court --Susman Godfrey LLP Amici Curiae Ebay & vs MercExchange LLC (2006; Intellectual Property)

Companies licensing Church lab patents or software:
Agilent Technologies 2000 (2001-present; nucleic acid nanopore sensors)
Oxford NanoPore Technologies Kidlington, UK 2005 (2008)
Affymetrix (Affymax)    Palo Alto CA 1993 (1990-2003; Oligonucleotide arrays)
Agencourt   (then Beckman Coulter) Beverly MA 2000 (2003-2006; Polony bead sequencing by ligation)
Applied Biosystems Foster City CA 1981 (2003-2006; via Agencourt, polony bead sequencing by ligation)
Pyrosequencing (also Biotage - 454   Stockholm 2000 (2001-2005; modified dNTPs for array sequencing)
Millipore Bedford,MA (1989-1990; multiplex sequencing) and 2009-present via EMD
Codon Devices (then Gen9) Cambridge MA 2005 (2005-2009,F; Constructive Biology)
Mosaic Technologies  (then Apogent, Illumina) Boston MA 1994 (1993-94 & 2000-2001; DNA diagnostics)

Past Advisory roles:
Bionanomatrix Philadelphia, PA 2008 (2009-2010; Fluorescent mapping)
Cambrian Genomics 2011 (2011-2012; nextgen DNA synthesis + synthesis)
Genizon Cantaloupe Quebec 2008 (2008-2010; In situ sequencing)
HySeq Chicago 1993 (1993; Sequencing by Hybridization)
GreenFuel Technologies Corp. Cambridge MA 2004 (2005-2006; Photosynthetic CO2 emissions capture)
Flagship Ventures   Cambridge MA 2000 (2000-2006; genomics & informatics)
Receptor Biologix   (then Symphogen San Francisco CA 2003 (2004-2007; alternative splicing)
Longenity Inc.; Boston MA 2001 (2001-2005; human aging)
Xeotron (then Invitrogen)  Houston TX 2000 Atactic (2001-2004; Light-directed DNA/RNA-microarray synthesis)
Genome Pharmaceuticals (see GPC Biotech, Alacris)     Martinsried, Germany 1998 (1998-2003; genomics for drug targets)
Caliper Technologies    (then PerkinElmer) Palo Alto CA 1995 (1994-2002; microfluidics)
CodonCode Corp.   Dedham MA 1996 (1996-2003); DNA sequencing software)
BeyondGenomics   (then BGMedicine) Cambridge MA 2001 (2000-2004; biomarkers & systems biology)
EngeneOS (leading to: Epitome, CodonDevices, Gen9) Cambridge MA 2001 (2000-2005,F; Engineered Genetic Operating Systems)
GenProfile AG Berlin, Germany 1998 (1997-2001; multiplex haplotyping)
Adeptient Los Altos, CA 2000 (2001-2002; inkjet aerosols for drug delivery and array manufacture)
First Genetic Trust Chicago, IL 2001 (2001-2002; personal genetic information access)
Sangamo (Gendaq) Richmond CA 1995 (2000-2002; Zn-finger engineering)
Genome Therapeutics (Oscient & Agencourt, previously Collaborative Research Inc.)   Waltham MA 1961 & 1993 (1984 & 1989-1994; microbial genomes)
Biogen Inc.   Cambridge, MA 1978 (1984-1985; genomic sequencing)
Gamera (then Tecan LabCD) Medford MA 1995 (1998-2000; microfluidics)
FamilyGenetix Oxford, UK (2000-2001; Genetic patient history software & services)
Bruker Daltonics Billerica, MA 1960 (1993-1997; Mass-tags)
Biorad-Sadtler Philadelphia, PA (1979-1981; DNA sequencing software)

Corporate research sponsors & collaborators not listed above:
Aventis, Rhone-Poulenc Rorer & Hoechst Marion Roussel   Paris, Frankfurt, Collegeville PA, etc. 1990 (1998-2001; computational functional genomics)
Merck KGaA (EMD) Darmstadt 1688 (2009-2012; protein synthesis)
MJ Research Inc. Waltham MA 1987 (1986-1995; Pulsed Electrophoresis & PCR)
Polytech Plastics. Cambridge MA 1982 (1982-1988; Sequencing electrotransfer devices)
Hamilton Company Reno NV 1957 (1986-1990; multisample handing syringes).
Intelligent Automation (then IBS) Cambridge MA (1992-1996; multipin array oligo synthesizer).
Eli Lilly Indianapolis IN, 1876 (1998; bioinformatics)
New England Nuclear (then NEN, Dupont/PerkinElmer) Boston MA 1956 (1982-1984; nylon membranes)

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