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Added pics of conversion from pulsed operation to analog-voltage controlled using LM317T.
Added pinout image, added settings, added link to how to possibly use ISP for whole operation
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added images of back of circuit board
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attachment upload
tons of links, chrome no longer hates me for all the open tabs
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buncha optics links,
make the chat render with <pre> for now
added my online chat with edmund optics tech support on 27-aug-2012
i guess i have to use colors inside the module
finish leadscrew
added some leadscrew jazz
clean up coupler dimensions, add hole to bracket for motor shaft
added motor and bracket mockup, need accurate dimensions still
add a picture of the laser etcher
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added a toc and table for parts
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first draft of bearing block
need to ship the parts
outline of todo list
added electronics dev and diag section to microfluidics.txt
added google docs link to laser gantry BOM
added laser stuff to laser_etcher
part drawings for vxb linear motion components
more expository name
found a russian cad file describing the linear bearing .. i think
trucks can overlap with small inter-rail distance.. make truck minimum spacing allow third truck between them
first draft
fix csg display error
fix weird rotation bug, clean up a bit
add linear bearing insert, fix bad angle, add mounting screw holes
linear motion truck for 12mm rail
replace ugly square rotations with polygon, add colors, and modularize
switch to scad, fix minor incompatibilities between scad and implicitcad
starting to model motion stage, learning openscad syntax
fix thinko with laser wavelength unit conversion
note about speed percentage
power density calculations
note about kinematic design
testing cia
start making parts list
ok forget about surplus junk
start keeping track of possible components
just some project notes