This will be a disorganized mess for a bit.

  • in vitro fertilization
  • embryo, sperm, oocyte/egg cryopreservation
  • embryo microinjection (CRISPR, other genetic payloads, etc) (but really should genetically modify upstream cells instead of embryo-stage, or modify embryonic stem cell cultures, etc...)
  • intracytoplasmic sperm injection, spermatid injection, (spermatocyte injection?)
  • in vitro gametogenesis, spermatogenesis, oogenesis/oocyte production
  • embryo splitting (blastocyst bisection, blastomere separation)
  • embryo culture media/ATP delivery for infinity embryo splitting
  • interspecies blastocyst complementation (tweet thread; logs)
  • xenogeneic stem cell transplantation
  • organogenic niche method
  • interspecies pregnancy, xenogenic embryo, xenotransplantation; co-gestation of interspecies embryos.
  • interspecies trophoblast embryo envelopment
  • somatic cell nuclear transfer, various cloning techniques
  • somatic cell hybridization, somatic cell haploidization
  • somatic cell fusion, other cell electrofusion
  • inner cell mass transfer
  • Velocimouse technique
  • interspecies nuclear transfer, cytoplasm transfer, etc
  • gestation using ex vivo uterus (not the same as an artificial womb)
  • uterus transplantation (works for human pregnancy), uterus xenotransplantation, uterus development by blastocyst complementation
  • ovary follicle transplantation, ovary transplantation (into the arm), ovary cryopreservation
  • oocyte in vitro maturation (ooIVM)
  • embryonic stem cell extraction and culture, expansion
  • "Non-embryo-destructive extraction of pluripotent embryonic stem cells"
  • host/child microchimerism
  • germ cell transplantation
  • xenografting of testicular tissue pieces for sperm generation
  • adult sperm stem cell gene therapy; testis-mediated gene therapy; testis electroporation.
  • pronuclear injection
  • ooplasm transfer, ooplasm xenotransfer, interspecies ooplasm transfer
  • xy/xx sperm sorting (xyinc: logs)

hybrids, mosaics, chimeras and chimerism:

"experimentally replicating the bioelectric characteristics of the site of eye formation in other parts of the body of frog embryos via microinjection of ion channel mRNA can cause eye formation in ectopic regions" (ref)

time-displanced clones and twins:

polygenic embryo scoring (PGT), bostromian iterated embryo selection, direct embryo/stem cell genetic engineering



additional notes: